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The Breaking Wedge

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plow THIS.


prepare for bodyslam...

[ August 21, 2002, 06:15 PM: Message edited by: dchan ]
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Forgive me, Father, because I'm a gaper!
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>...plow THIS...

Humm ... steep and deep. Definitely no place for a plow.

Ya know, if it weren't for those sails in the extreme RH of the frame, I *could* almost see a hardcore skiier mistaking this for backlit windblown crust.

Nice shot. I see that it's stored on AOL, and hence is probably not commercial. Did you take it?

Tom / PM
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No. Just "surfing" and came across it. Someone's photo album. I used to bodysurf here (down at the end of balboa peninsula in newport) so was just looking for a window into a moment of The Good Ol' Days. (and NO, never out when it was like THAT.)
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