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One Ski Quiver?

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I live just a few hours from Lake Tahoe and if this season is better than last year I want to go from my center mounted park skis to a one ski quiver. I'm decent in the park, I can some hit pretty big jumps and am working on switch skiing and 3's; but boxes and rails aren't quite my thing yet. I love hauling ass and going through trees as well as jumps, but having to lean back all the time just sucks, even though I still haul. I'm a senior with a minimal work load and am tryna day trip almost every weekend. I dont have the money to by new skis and new bindings for all mountain and powder. So far I've looked at the Moment PB&J which have gotten great reviews but are hella expensive. Anyone also ride a one ski quiver that they can do trees and park with? I'm 6'2" 210lbs. and my park skis are 176s, I want to get like 180s. The Moments come in 182. They have a 101 underfoot compared to my current 84.

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I'm also thinking about the:

Line Sir Francis Bacon, Blend or Chronic.

Rossignol Sickle Open or Scimitar Open.

Salomon Shogun.

K2 Kung Fujas.

Scott Punisher.

Armada TST.

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If you think PB&J's are pricey, OK, let's think about last year's models that are still around and cheap. Volkl Bridges sound like a fit, and you can find last season's at pretty good prices right now. Last year's TST is very cheap right now online, but it's pretty light and tossable apparently, like a JJ mated to an ANT. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion. The Rossignol Sickle gets super reviews from people who know how to ski trees, like freestyle, air. It's also to be had really cheap right now. Only drawback might be how it'll handle on thaw/refreeze cycles that Tahoe gets even in good years. The Kung Fujas seems to be everyone's fallback choice for a solid, reliable do-all freestle ski. 


My hunch would be that the Sickle is the ski for you. Under $400 several places. Keep the edges done and wait for days with soft snow. Tahoe's due for a good season, NOAA sez, so should be all good...

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Thats helpful, thank you. And I sure hope Tahoe gets good snow this year. Under $400 is a great price I'll look into it. 110 underfoot seems a bit wide though, will i notice it on groomers or no? Ive skied all mountains before but i doubt they were that wide.

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One pair of skis IS a pair of skis,


not any type of quiver.

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