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Interesting thread. As an aside, my mother and her sister went alpine hiking/climbing in Japan a few years ago -- both were in their 70s, and their appearance there was viewed with (completely respectful) amazement by other (mainly younger and male) climbers/hikers. Obviously neither woman was menstruating ...

Awesome! I hope they had a blast! One of e largest secrets of Japan is that there's not much at all above about 1600m... loads of great and sometimes pretty tough hiking to be had. I think the prohibition of women on mountains is pretty much water under the dam at this point in history. We commonly hiked and ski toured in mixed

Ditto on Liam's comments about standing on both skis. I'm sure once the OP's kid's friends start making a dash for the trees, he'll jump or want to jump in with them... It'll probably start with a,"hey dad, do you know how to.....?"
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Here is a 12 year old and a 14 year old skiing some powder. They have enjoyed powder since they were 8. 

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