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Skis for wife

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My wife currently has Volkl Estrellas. I think they're a little too much ski for her right now so we're looking at getting her a different set this year so she'll enjoy skiing more.

We ski in Maine and she only does groomed runs right now. I'm going to try to get her to a demo day, but what do you suggest she tries? Any models that are a couple of years old that you'd suggest?




Low / Mid intermediate skier



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The Estrella, along with most Volkl's are very stiff skis, she might be having issues with Volkl's BioLogic design for their skis in this category. A ski that is softer might be easier for her to initiate and finish a turn. Let her try skis from Dynastar, Nordica and K2. Also get her boots checked, if her boots are too big (very common with this level skier), she also might have trouble controlling the skis too. 

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Skis for Wife? I'd make that deal. 

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LOL icon14.gif


My wife would probably come back, take my skis, and then leave wink.gif

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