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Hooray for Lance!

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This is a duplicate, but....

Hooray for Lance!

Did you see today's stage? He crushed Belocki.

Still a week to go, and the alps, but it's Lance Lance Lance! He's 4.12 ahead of Belocki. Sure, he could still lose in the alps...but only if he gets sick, or crashes.

The man, is already the greatest American cyclist ever. If he wins the tour 2 more times, and right now, there's no one who even looks close to being able to challenge him, he'll go down as the greatest cyclist ever. Indurain, Merckx, Hinault, they won the tour 5 straight years. No one, has won it 6 straight years.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one, has more tour stage victories (14) than Lance.

FYI, he started as a triathlete. When he was 15, he was winning professional triathlons.

What a story - and an inspiration!

Let's get America to learn more about Lance - and less about thugs like Bonds, Iverson, all the rest of 'em.

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I think merckx has a whole bunch more stage wins.
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Maybe Eddie has more stage wins, no I'm sure he does, but not more Tour stage wins. I'll check my fact and get back to you.

But think of this. Lance is peddling up 8 degree climbs, at a cadence of 100. As a reference, most pro racers think they're doing well spinning at 100, on the flats! Lance is spinning up some of the toughest climbs in all of cycling, at friggin 17 mph!


It's just mind boggling - the strength Lance has.

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Irul is correct- in fact, several cyclists have more Tour stage wins than Armstrong.
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