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Ski/Snowboard Area Advice

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What are you top 3 places to ski throughout the different parts of the ski year: start of season to January, January to March, March to end of season?



Considering even a few of the very general preferences below, can anyone please think of some about best places?


As a snowboard there are certain things I really like

I'm intermediate to upper intermediate, but I travel with my beginner to intermediate girl.  So we generally spend our time on the blues and we never hit the park terrain.

We avoid moguls.

I like wide bowls.  Vail's back bowls were amazing and at Mammoth, I twas think there was a bowl on Chair 11, 12, or 14, I think it on the left side of the trail map.  I'm sorry I can't remember it's been years.

I like to travel during the week when there are no crowds.  I can handle crowds as long as there aren't hoards of traffic on the blues, my girl gets nervous.

For cost reasons, we prefer to be within a 4 hour drive from a major airport, although I'm open to longer trips.  We try to keep 4-5 day trips, with 2-3 days of skiing, lodging, tickets for under $1000 total.  We've been pretty good about it.


I've already been to Baker, Breck, Copper, Keystone, Mammoth, Vail, & Winter Park.  I really didn't care too much for Breck.  Feel free to name the places I've been to if you think they are the best and I'm not missing out.


I look forward to your responses.  Thanks in advance

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I'd like to recommend the Vancouver, BC area if you haven't been up here. There is lots of terrain at Whistler-Blackcomb for intermediates and beginners, and the variety is unbeatable. If you are going during the week, the crowds there are generally manageable, but the green runs can get a bit crowded as you get near the lifts.


Whistler mountain itself has a few terrific places for bowl skiing, and on a good day Harmony and Symphony bowls are simply amazing. Blackcomb Mountain has 7th Heaven and the Jersey Cream area which is also very good wide open terrain.


You can fly into Bellingham, WA to get cheaper tickets, and then rent a car to drive up to Whistler. The new Sea-to-Sky they put in for the Olympics makes it much safer and faster nowadays, and there are lots of options for cheaper accomodations if you look on Alluradirect or VRBO. Pre-buy tickets online using the EDGE card for a good discount.

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I bet you would like Snowmass anytime.   It's wide open cruiser paradise and crowds are rarely an issue.   Weather is generally good and there are a couple of Gondola's in the area if it's cold or windy.


Aspen's about four hours from Denver, but you can fly into either EGE or ASE for a slight premium.  You don't need a car here and the town is really nice.

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