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Toe cramps

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Hi guys, just wanted to ask a question regarding a persistent toe cramp that I have had occur to me on previous ski days.


It seems that in the second half of the day I would get toe cramps on my middle, ring and pinky toe area on my right foot, and I would have to stop and take the pressure off the foot/unbuckle the boot. After a few minutes, they would be good, but can start cramping again after a couple of runs.


The boots that I have are Atomic Hawx 100's, they have been fitted to my foot by a good bootfitter because the shell was a little tight so a little punching and grinding. 


Any ideas?

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cramp can be caused by many things, lack of blood flow, lack of flexibility, lack of mineral salts in your system etc etc.... from what you describe it could be a nerve neuroma, is it cramp or a sharp pain causing any tingling in the toes?


difficult to give toy a definite answer on line without seeing the foot, but does it feel like you are being compressed from side to side or top to bottom... it could be something as simple as the muscles in your foot needing a bit more stretching before you put he boots on or something more about the support or fit of the boot


do you have a custom footbed? is it worse on some snow conditions? 

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I'm not sure on how to diagnose a neuroma/Morton's neuroma, but it is a burning sensation? It has been a while since the last ski day so my memory is not as fresh as it could be. 


Side to side feels fine, so it may be a top to bottom compression happening with the boot as it does feel a little tight that way. I will try to visit my bootfitter before the season starts to have him take a look. 


Last time I ever buy boots online, I swear! 

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Hi guys, so an update on my situation. Took my old boots to the local shop with me, and they said that it was way too big! They are 26.5 size, but when measured at the shop my foot comes in at a 25.5 Mondo size - a whole size bigger. Add in the liner packing out and the situation just got even worse. What the bootfitter guessed was the problem was that my feet were trying too hard to maintain my position within the boots so it caused too much stress - hence the cramps. Also, I would buckle down harder in order to try to keep my foot from moving so that was causing a problem too. 


So I got new boots - the funny part is that he ended up putting me into the Hawx 120 from 2010 - almost the same boot, but in a smaller size! So I guess the boot was right but the size was not, heh! These Atomics feel good, with good heel hold and good hold in the metatarsals. Snug all around, but not to the level of painfulness that some people say is good(?) for fitting boots. The toes are able to wiggle but he said that that was fine, as long as they weren't loose and swimming. He also recommended Superfeet insoles even though the stock Hawx ones were supposed to be pretty good already. The prices weren't near online pricing ($380 for the boots) but these came with a year's bootfitting guarantee so if I have any problems I can come back and have them fix it at either the Vancouver location or the Whistler location. 


Did I get a sold a good boot or one that he just wanted to get rid of? 

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It all sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  Most problems I see and there are many start with boots that are too large.  Yesterday had an older intermediate woman in with a "AA" width who had been sold a Tecnica Rival because it is intermediate and so is she.  Problem is the Rival is either an "E" or "EE" width. She was swimming.



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