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EpicSki evolves the sport, this season!

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Mediated Evolution of the Sport & Gear?


There is a newer concept taking the mtn & trail running world by storm: the FKT.  FKT stands for "fastest known time".  This is a liberating concept in the you no longer have to sign up for a race or "hit it" on a given time to know where you really stand as a runner.  Just find the trail & run it! Anytime, any condition....Just do it.  Databases are popping up everywhere & folks are able to compare times & share results.


Can you cheat? Well not really. If you have a GPS watch & some base software, you can load & share your FKT online for validation.


What am I advocating?  Mass carnage on this hill?  No freaking way....Obey the Skier's Responsibility Code & ski in a manner approp for patrol.


Contribution to the sport?  Correlate it to the gear we're on & we'll have actual data -  No more "Dude...I was hitting 60mph, I need a 195 pro model!!", but average it out & we'll have an idea of what gear works for who!!


Let's get the database up!



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Strava for skiers?

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Wow, so epic fail? I thought this would ligitamize gear parameters....
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Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Hmmmm, I haven't heard of this before, but evidently from Mike's post, its not new. 

Is this something that would 'legitimize' the dick swinging threads about how fast the bears are? 



I'm not sure where or when I'd try such a thing and I'm really not that fast, but scotskier........there's your man!

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Or you could try Flaik.

We've been using Flaik at Copper Mountain for a number of seasons now in the Ski & Ride School, along with several other ski areas. It's pretty cool, really, and it gets better each season. Just wear the Flaik receiver--a small weatherproof GPS device that straps around your ankle or boot top--and go skiing. At the end of the day, on their web site, you will see all of your statistics, including total vertical feet, average speed, top speed, number of runs, and more, as well as the accumulated statistics of your season. It will also show your entire track superimposed on a trail map and/or satellite imagery, color-coded according to your speed. You can hit "play" and watch it retrace your route.

We started using the Flaik system in the children's ski school as a way to track and help keep track of the kids (and help find them quickly in the rare case of an "independent study.") A supervisor can actually see the location of each group and child, and their instructor, in real time on a computer screen.

Now we give a Flaik to everyone in adult classes and private lessons too, just for fun. I thought it was a silly gimmick at first, but people like it. And I'll admit that I usually look forward to reviewing my day and checking my statistics too.

It's fun! But there is a possible downside, as others have noted. The last thing we need is every teenager with a helmet cam trying to set a new speed record....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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OR, you can take the speed freaks and out of control goonies and put them here and then over a period of time collect data on the gene eradictation aspects of the new system of monitoring speed.




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Remember. GPS is not accurate. heard it right here.
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Originally Posted by mowmow View Post

Remember. GPS is not accurate. heard it right here.


Hey, some guy on a chairlift ride told me that his GPS has clocked him skiing at 50 mph. I believed him... until I watched him ski away

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My son's fastest clocked GPS time - 75 miles per hour.  It was in the car.  He forgot to turn it off!

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I know that there are similar apps for smart phones of which I don't have one.  But my cousin does who was with me at Mammoth last year.  I took it with me for one run off the peak down a steep groomed black diamond run.  I don't know how accurate it is, but without even trying I hit 64 MPH.  I gave it back as I knew if I had it I would keep trying to beat my speed and probably ending up crashing and tumbling.


Rick G

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Outside of racing, fastest time down the hill has pretty close to zero relationship to the quality of ski gear or who that gear might work for.  So, aside from encouraging irresponsible behavior, it would be a negative distraction from what does matter in terms of quality of gear. 

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I've seen an app similar to the flaik on some of my ski buddie's smart phones.  Seems to work OK.  I don't know the name of the app, since I only have a stupid phone.

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Used an app on my phone and clocked myself at 65 MPH. Tucked and bombed down from the top of Meadows.

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