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Tennis, anyone?

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Tennis is my summer sport [although I also like to hike]. Actually, I play tennis indoors all winter as well. I know technique or the lack thereof is mainly the root of my failures and succeesses on the tennis court, but now I'm convinced of the importance of string. I play a Prince Triple Threat Vendetta mid-plus [95" head]. I had it strung at 60 pounds with LaserFibre SuperNatural ProStock 17. The stuff is made pretty mutch like natural gut - a synthetic ribbon that's twisted into string. I almost forgot about restringing until recently - I played with that for three or four months during the winter, usually about four times a week. It was great. And it never frayed, the strings moved virtually not at all. Then in the past two or three weeks, it moved all over the place, obviously looser. I began hitting a lot of flyers. But that string had held its tension for a loooong time until then. I've replaced it, just to experiment, with LaserFibre Supreme 17, a multi-filiment with a reputation for also holding its tension. Wow! The feeling returned! I played my long time friend and tennis nemisis to a 6-6 draw before it got dark enough to force us off the court [no lights on this neighborhood court]. This guy ALWAYS beats me, but not last night! I think the new string at proper tension made all the difference. Anyone out there had a similar experience?
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I play with a Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1. I tried natural gut and it was awsome. However it lasted about one week per time. With two rackets it got too expensive. I switched to Wilson Spin at 67 lbs (2 lbs over reccommended). With this setup it lasts about 6 to 10 matches.
The rule of thumb I've heard is: string as many times per year as you play per week. I don't notice much difference after the first or second match until the string breaks(it always does)(I hit pretty heavy topspin). A fresh string job always plays great. Fortunatly for me my pro drives a pretty old car so I can trade off repairs for strings and lessons.
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