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Good enough to enjoy myself 97% of the time.

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I don't know.


But I have been paid to ski for 29 years.rolleyes.gif

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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

Good enough to enjoy myself 97% of the time.



Improved enough in recent years to need at least one ski buddy for more adventurous skiing in trees or deeper powder or steeper trails during trips out west.

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I'm good enough to keep the tips going back into the fall line in almost all conditions/terrain.


I don't know if that is "good" or not, but I have fun anyway.

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I really am not trying to compare myself with any other skiers, I already know there are people way better.  Just when I think I'm getting good, I run into some conditions that totally humble me.


I have made a lot of progress the last few seasons over what I remember I could do as a teen/young adult (even missing a seson with a broken leg).   I'm far more balanced overall, and much more consistent and balanced in moguls. People tell me I'm smooth and relaxed in my stance.  For the most part I feel confident regardless of the terrain.

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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

Good enough to enjoy myself 97% of the time.

best answer yet.

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Originally Posted by SpikeDog View Post

I've watched enough video of myself skiing to think "hey, that guy's pretty good" if I were to see myself from the chair lift.  But I know I'm just OK, especially when I ski at Jackson or Crested Butte.  I do think my style is fairly unique, wiggle-wise.

Phil has a unique wiggle too.  biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by anvilroadripper View Post

While I'm never satisfied with my skill set, I have way more game at 47 than I did at 27. Back then I was just really good at drinking in ski boots.


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Not particularly good by any reasonable measure, except by my smile. Then I rule!

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I am terrible!

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Originally Posted by iriponsnow View Post

I am terrible!


but you riponsnow?!?!?!?! 

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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

As a "first year on skis" skier last season I was worse than 10 years old kids skiing since their 3rd birthday and that was embarrassing! At least I did better than most of the people on my group lessons! cool.gif

You are not being fair to yourself. Skiing is a memory sport , you have no where near the amount of time those 10 year olds who have been skiing since 3 and probably live at the mountain do. Another factor of which there are many going against you is that you have a brain, 10 year olds don't. They have no fear, no real knowledge of injury, they bounce back up after some horrible crashes and ask for more. A lot of these kids are in race programs around 7 or 8 and are really ripping up the mountain. Others at that age once bored with the groomed are exploring everything and all are looking for air, whether in a park/pipe, moguls, cliffs etc.

Things that should matter is are you having fun on whatever terrain and at whatever speed you are going at. Keep at it and your ability and terrain options will increase.

I was humbled by my 15 y.o son last year. He has owned me on a snowboard since he was 6 but not on skis, until last year. I stopped to check out a steep scratchy section, wanted to see the landmines, told him I'd check it out and he could ski based off my line. Next thing I hear him coming up and blowing right by me with out a care in the world and he skied it beautifully. Torch was passed but I enjoyed every second of it. Watching 2-3 y.o. develop over time is a joy to behold and it happens so fast.

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Originally Posted by Snowbowler View Post

You are not being fair to yourself. Skiing is a memory sport...

Sorry, I forgot. 

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Good enough, but not good enough yet.

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I'm not as good as I think I am, nor as bad as I think I am.


Clearly I don't have a clue, but that's what the hill tells me every time I go skiing. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Sorry, I forgot. 

Well at least you can wiggle

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Gaper guy good.

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almost as good as I think I am, but I am equally sure others have a different opinion. 

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I'm better than everyone I know from "normal" life, and worse than everyone I know from skiing.

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I figure I'm in the left 99% of the population and is definitely better than at least 1% of it!

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

I'm good enough to know I suck.  At least compared to a lot of the people I see at Squaw / Alpine.  It sounds funny but it's true.

Ski at Northstar and you'll look absolutely fabulouspopcorn.gif

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Good enough to have fun on my own, bad enough that I don't usually get to spend the day with my ski/snowboard buddies 

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I am good enough that I enjoy everyday that I ski. Days when I ski with my expert friends; sometimes we simply agree to meet at the lift. I go my way and they go their's. Other times I follow them. I have fun and so do they. I am pleased when I have to wait for them at the lift and those other times; they don't mind waiting for me. Friendship is a nice thing.


My wife puts up with me also as she is a much better skier than I. She's got 20 seasons on me.


I like this sport.

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Is there a sliding scale for age? smile.gif  At 50+, I am still hitting lines like the Spacewalk couloir in JH's Rock Springs bowl.  I have been accused of being "sick" many times by those that know me.  But no matter how good I think I am, or my friends tell me I am, there are always plenty of others that I see who are way better.  To me, one of the coolest things about skiing is that there are so many different facets that you can focus on and work on improving.  In my younger days it was getting big air, and racing.  Right now it is exploring the backcountry and finding challenging lines and terrain.  Maybe my next phase will be working on the perfect carving turns on some high-speed corduroy.  I think what counts is that we are always trying to get better and improve in one of the many factes of skiing.  If we are doing that, then we are "pretty good".

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Originally Posted by Snowbowler View Post

Things that should matter is are you having fun on whatever terrain and at whatever speed you are going at. 

I think I start having fun when I go to bed thinking what time I will wake up Tomorrow, put the skis on the car and ride to the mountain! Or maybe I just don't stop having fun the whole winter! Wait a minute, I spent the entire year at the EpicSki, so maybe I never stop having fun when I`m talking about ski! roflmao.gif

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Oh, and I can get on and off the lift unassisted. beercheer.gif

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I can make linked parallel turns.

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I'm the best skier on the mountain,of course (hint: see the signature).


But seriously, I am good enough to feel when I am doing something wrong. Given where I ski, there are plenty of people who ski better than I do (and of course they are also the best skiers on the mountain). eek.gif  

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

  in ice bumps



That would be expert level. I'm not sure I'll ever get there.

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I'm so much better than I was when I thought I was good.
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This thread reminds me of psychological studies that showed that incompetent people are too ignorant to know how incompetent they are. http://www.lifeslittlemysteries.com/2187-incompetent-people-ignorant.html


I particularly like the graph of perceived performance vs. actual performance.

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