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I'm looking for a pair of skis for DEEP powder.

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 I currently have Kastle  MX88s and FX 94s as well as many older narrow skis.

 I'm looking for a pair of skis for deep powder that is usually encountered when Heli-Skiing.

 I'm just looking to save myself some time with suggestions from those here on EPIC.

 Thank You in advance.

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Your profile says "I make Millions for Millionaires."  This brazen act of advertising means you are likely a HNW advisor, so why not get a conversation starter while in the lodge waiting with the rest of the millionaires for the van taking you to the helicopter?  Yeah, the Ski Logik Rock Stars are reportedly a really good deep powder ski and for $100 bucks you can get custom marquetry tops that will impress your prospects.  There is a review of the ski somewhere on EPICSKI and Real Skiers gave it a glowing review (Note: I haven't skied mine yet).  The Depth Hoar is a powder only ski worth considering.  Remember, the company will custom design a top for only $100...insanely cheap IMHO. 


Other skis?  For helicopter skiing you don't have to worry about hardpack groomers getting you back to the lifts, so it now becomes a matter of how fast you ski and how fat you want to go.  The guys that own/work in the ski shops on EPICSKI have a wealth of knowledge about what you may like.  I'd give them a call.



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That's easy, but we need to know your stats as well as your skiing style. Generally for a modern skier it comes down to two choices:
1. Reverse/Reverse ski a la Lotus 138

2. traditional ski with pintail and tip rocker a la Lotus 120


Both are great, both will work for anyone - but some people will definitely prefer one over the other.

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DPS is developing a boat hulled ski (the Spoon) for powder only, it has some bumps that barely make firmpack negotiable but they look like the ticket for heli/cat days.

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Why not some O'Briens Flux 65s?

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DPS lotus 138's or spoons. 

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I am more than happy to give a review in favor of purchasing the DPS Lotus 138 hybrid for really the best deep powder skis that are available today.  The reason, in my mind and experience, is the sheer genius in design and craftsmanship.  Totally rockered from tip to tail with absolutely no camber or flat underfoot so turning is effortless with tips and tails rotating/pivoting  freely.  It is the length and amount of camber in the ski bases that holds the tip and tails down to set the edges for sideslipping and turning.  Shaped or parabolic sidecut skiing were designed primarily for hardpack skiing, the 138s have eliminated this need with their radically rockered design.  The dimensions are 140 at the reverse sidecut tip, 138 underfoot and 139 at the tails, so not much sidecut!  No need in powder.  I've been on mine the whole '12-'13 season so far in every snow surface condition, anywhere from hard groomers to 18" of deep fresh powder, whoo hoo!  They are easily the best I have ever been on in my downhill skiing experience and I have been on all the others in my past.  I luv 'em.


The only skis that sound like they could rival the Lotus 138 is the new DPS Spoons with recently redesigned shovel, spoon shape, rockered at 148, amazing.  But they would be a powder quiver ski only.  Got to say it again, I have found it so amazing going against conventional wisdom in skiing my 138s in every condition, just roll my weight centering from front to back like in a rockin chair, tails down-tips up on top of your deep powder!  Try 'em if you can even find a pair!  Fred

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I use to patrol on a great little mtn in Idaho in the late '70s and early '80s.  Heli skied and guided in the mid '80s.


Two years ago I had a chance to buy any ski I wanted. I ended up with several skiis.  But the one "dream" ski I really wanted was a pure pow "toool".  The real luxury ski.  The one ski you'd use on BIG mtns.  BIG heli days, like 20K vert plus.  The one ski i'd want on my old mtn for the hUGE storm days after the area had been closed mid week.  Or first tracks off the Midi after the tram had been  closed for a few days.  The kind of days you will NEVER forget.


I did a ton of research and ended up with a pair of DPS Pure 138.


Here is a long winded review I eventuallly wrote last year about the first few days on those skis.  In so so conditions.  Just barely enough snow.




Couple of weeks ago I skiied a storm day where it was laying down well over an inch per hour on top of a foot  of fresh.  By days' end we were easily knee deep or more every where.


The 138s were even better than expected. I was skiing stuff steep enough that required out running my own sluffs.  And stuff steep and mank enough to give me some trouble even in the old days when I was 30 years younger and 20 lbs lighter and admittedly a much more accomplished skier.  The 138s aren't that much fun on groomed snow but they are managable there if required.  I've skied them "every where" but would prefer another ski for those kinds of days. 100 or 115 under foot.     But holy chit the 138s will let you ski ANYTHING, with some loose snow on it.... easily!


Every penny spent on those skis was repaid ten fold in just one day....and on only half a dozen runs top to bottom on uncut  2200' of steep to moderate knee deep pow. 


I may not heli ski again (knock on wood that I do) but the 138s make me want to chase a few big storm tracks across the northern tier next winter.  And I am now watching for the last of the big storm tracks this winter :)  The 138s are in reality a dream more than a ski for me.  But they allow that dream to become reality so, so easily :)  

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Or you could get a pair of Praxis Powder Boards, and a pair of Praxis Protests, and maybe...  for about the same amount.... 


Not gonna knock the 138s. Had some for quite a while. But they are not the only awesome reverse/reverse ski out there. There are some sweet almost reverse hybrids out there too.


BTW - holy thread exhumation Batman!

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Sounds like I have found them. Thank you.

I'll get pair out for a thrashing.biggrin.gif

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Another ski I was turned onto recently is the Dynafit Hauscaran.  Seriously good ski and a better all around ski than the DPS 138 or the DPS Wailer 112 imo.  The first *real* big mountain ski I've been on..at least by my definition.  This is a ski I would have loved to been able to guide/patrol on bitd.  Talked to a few now that have it or have skied it and  everyone has been impressed.  Not a bad word spoken, which is unusual I think.


I believe it is 99% of the 138 in deep snow and 300% better in every other condition you will find in the big mountains...ice to pow and everything inbetween.  Short review here:




But in a 196cm and a bigger/stiffer boot?  Makes me speculate that this one might well live up to the hype.   

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Doesn't really matter how deep snow is as all the big fat boards will have you planing/ surfing on the surface. Was lucky enough to do some backcountry touring in Japan recently. I was on Libery Genomes and they were excellent. Noat as versatile as the Volkl Kuros that I had out in some waist deep Japow IMObut it sounds like hard snow performance is not a consideration.
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180mm waist...omni directional.

..check out how this dude rips down CBC on Blackcomb on 'em in the 'video' link eek.gif

http://www.vimeo.com/18977591  (go to 3:20 mark)

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Just watched the garywayneskis video, they are crazy radical in design, really wild on hardpack as well as deep powder!

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In deep soft snow, the Garywayne's are amazing fun. Some other conditions, not so much. I can comfortably manage some pretty nasty snow on Praxis Protests  (let's say a pitch of a couple thousand feet of runneled ice...). I can even deal with icy scrubbed ridges or a crusted aspect on Powder Boards. But the Garywayne's would scare me to death under those conditions. Maybe more than scare. Maybe I could get used to them on hardpack -  but talk about "omnidirectional"... FWIW - it is mostly adequate, but I'm also not a huge fan of the construction. If you get 'em, think about taking the T-Bolt suggestion (assuming construction is unchanged and they still make that suggestion...).


From what I understand, snow conditions for cat skiing, on average, are a bit more consistent. But if you are gonna do the heli thing, you never know when you'll face sections of rather less than ideal snow.. That said, having some around for that right day could be a hoot. But even for heli skiing - I would not bet on the Garywaynes as the one pair I'd take (if one pair was the limit).

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i just wanted to  put them out there  as per the op's original email for a substantive killer powder ski

...but i agree with poster below that for many conditions (if you're not living, say, in or around the powder highway of Red, white, fernie etc)

then they might be overkill


even if you read of the catski operations and they skis they rent out, most are in the 115 range, ie S7 or so....even a Bent Chetler would be

a good ski imo

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Just watched the garywayneskis video, they are crazy radical in design, really wild on hardpack as well as deep powder!

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One vote for Praxis PowderBoards.  Fantastic deep snow ski and the price is usually right.

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From what I understand, snow conditions for cat skiing, on average, are a bit more consistent. But if you are gonna do the heli thing, you never know when you'll face sections of rather less than ideal snow.. 

This. I'd go for a 5 point design or even a full reverse reverse for cat skiing. For heli, from what I hear, better have a more conservative design that can crush anything from mank over suncups to bottomless. I'm thinking something like a Kastle 128 or Blizzard Bodacious or Praxis Ullr or ON3P Cease and Desist. 

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Hey! skis, I just went out and bought you the best snow on the planet, and it wasn't cheap. Now all you have to do is go out and give me a chill ride, comprende?

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