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So, I know I'm a long way away from snow. But Houston is a big city and a lot of us do fly to ski. I'd like to upgrade my boots and I'm sure I would benefit from good fitting. I'm sure everyone would, but in my case I start with wide feet, a high instep, and I'm a bit duck footed. 


I'm planning on more skiing starting this year, with a return trip to Tahoe. Trekchick sent me to you guys and mentioned a few fitters in that area. I'm just afraid that with the limited time we'll be there  we won't have a chance to get things even close, let alone right. On top of that I'll be with a small group, we don't plan to have a car, staying in S.L.T. and all the recommendations were North lake areas. 


Any suggestions? My alternative is to bring my old rear entry Nordica's which at least don't hurt my feet width wise, even if they are not the highest performance option.