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New Skis

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So this year I'm hitting the slopes with my new Blizard Bushwacker Skis and in years past with my other skis I feel like something is pulling me back. I'm not going fast at all. I use my poles, was my skis, go straight down and nothing helps. I couldn't go fast. Any advice on how to go faster or make my skis " better " so they will go faster?
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Could have been lots of things making the skis feel "slow", things I have seen that could be the problem:


  1. Skis need to be waxed.  If the bases look "furry", or "whitish" thats slow.
  2. Major rip or gouge in the base.
  3. Ski breaks not fully retracting.  Just check, are they bent? Do they fully leave the snow?
  4. Ski strap still on 1 ski ....yup I seen it.



Your new skis should solve all these problems thou....for awhile anyway.

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May have been the breaks never thought of that. They actually popped out in the middle of a slope so I skied down the slope without my foot locked in the binding (The breaks literally went through the binding). That break was never the same after.

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