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Fall Workouts -- Time to Get Serious! - Page 2

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ah, quebec city....what a glorious place!icon14.gif


sure it doesn't have the powder or vertical of western resorts, but for the quebecois apre feel, nestled around

heritage buildings so you feel like you're in Europe, it can't be beat

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Am workout (very am) : squats / lateral single limb cresant hops / spin intervals / yet tbd core something
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Originally Posted by evaino View Post


I went to a strength training seminar a couple of years ago where one of the presenters had people doing jump squats while holding a kettlebell behind their neck - as in hands on the handle and the bell part hanging down. So the person jumps, then lands, and then the kettlebell crashes down on his spine. eek.gif So in comparison, the barbell jump squat is a much better option. :) But definitely not ideal. Jump squats with a weight vest and/or holding a kettlebell is my preference.



Strenght training is suppose to strengthen you...not harm you... For me,instead, I  would do warming squats sets  then go for an all-out set of 20 reps then,no pause, go to jump squat with no weight for another 20 reps...I would had some skating slides for lateral work...

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Fighting off a 5-day cold, no weights, 2 hours 330W avg.

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I am getting back into a groove- more to follow @ a later time........


"fast" am, headlamp run.........mostly trail!

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Skiing starts for me on Sunday.  Nakiska will be open (and will be a zoo).  I plan to ski on SL skis, so it will be a good workout and re-introduction to skiing for my legs and core.  In the meantime, gym, stationary bike, ski skating and maybe some running will be my training.


I will start a "Winter Workouts - maintaining the flow" thread. 

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Still cruising: costume race today on the roads w jog stroller!
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Skied yesterday for the first time this year.  We did about 25 non-stop runs on the Gold chair at Nakiska (vertical = 1537) for a total of over 38,000 feet.  I was on my Atomic SL 12, so the skiing was fairly vigorous, especially as I was practicing pushing out of each turn and really feeling the g force in the turns.  Although I was tired at the end of the day, I was very happy with my "ski shape".  All the hard work over the summer and fall, much of which was really fun anyway, really paid off.

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Been doing a ton of low intensity stuff here. Lots of walking and bike riding, but no pick up sports so not much in the way of high intensity. Did an eight mile essentially trail ride (the rural roads here are about on par with some of the more mellow "mountain bike" trails I've done).


Out of the blue I decided to run a bit tonight when walking home from town. I covered a half mile in around 2 or 2.5 minutes. Obviously a short distance so not exactly a high endurance test, but it was uneven terrain, dark and I had eaten not too long before. What was important is that my legs have not felt that good running in a long time. Maybe felt that good after two months here last time, but I've been doing more walking and I didn't have a bike last time.


My schedule for the next 4 months is looking to stay what it's been if not more exercise than it's been the last month. May be down to actually being *gasp* in shape by the time I come home to do some skiing in February. Especially if I drop another ten or fifteen pounds to the point that I may consider doing core stuff since I'll get visible results without the current layer of blubber padding I have over them. I've dropped about 3 inches off my waist in 6 weeks (Left the US @ 6' 205 lbs. No scale here for actual weight loss, only know how much looser my shorts are). Even if it slows I'm hoping come February I'm down in the 170 range for the first time since elementary school. 

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Damnit - wish I saw this post earlier!  Just starting my workouts now!

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I've been doing a ton of leg blasters in addition to P90X2. 

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Two days of mostly-uphill XC skiing.      The good news: zero lingering soreness.    The bad news: seriously winded on hard uphill efforts, more than in previous years.

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Originally Posted by Wangta View Post

Damnit - wish I saw this post earlier!  Just starting my workouts now!

Well what's your program?

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