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Ski Advice - Squaw Valley 1 ski for all

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New to Epic Ski and in need of some advice. Recently got a place in North Lake Tahoe and will be making regular visits over the winter months although timing will not be based upon weather forecasts. Former PSIA level II instructor but have been out of skiing for a decade now. Last set of new skis were K2 Apache Recons (for skiing in the east) when they first came out. Beforethat, on several Salomon X-Screams for years. Obviously, technology and design has changed a lot. Everything is different, width, camber, everything.


Am mid-40's, still active and in shape, 6-1, 200. Always prefered long GS turns over bumps but can ski most anything (or could when I last skied). Not the hardest charger but certainly like the next challenge.


Plan on trying several sets of demos but I've been out so long that not really sure where to start these days. Want to buy a set to leave out west but not going to collect skis like I did 20 years ago. Looking for a set that I can ski Squaw, Alpine, Heavenly, Diamond Peak in whatever the conditions may be when we get the chance to travel. While I am hoping for some powder days, reality is that I will be taking whatever I get when in town. Have been reading reviews and while I have traditionally been a K2 or Rossi guy, recognize my preference is based on old technology.


If you had to limit to one set of skis to ski Squaw Valley all season, what would you consider?


I know I am not limiting much other than seeking the one set you would choose for the entire season but I truly am that lost when reading my first ski magazine since 2002.


Any help, suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to winter so I can start asking myself why I ever gave it up.



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Pretty much depends on your terrain preference but as a starting point I would encourage you to go wider than whatever you are thinking.  Popular skis at those resorts include K2 Sidestash (108 mm), Salomon Shogun (100 mm), Volkl Gotama (107 mm; last year's and newer), Blizzard Bonafide (98 mm) and Cochise (108 mm) to name a few.  Those 78 mm K2's were great skis (I went throught two pair) but your are going to love the new stuff.  

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Might also consider Kastle MX series, Rossignol Experience 98, something from Dynastar's new Cham line...


You say you don't like bumps, but what about groomers vs. off-piste?

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Bonafide would be the ONE ski I would ski if I only had one ski to ski in Tahoe. If I was looking for a 60/40 frontside biased one ski, the Rossi Experience 98. Id I was looking for a 60/40 off piste one ski, the Atomic Ritual 

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It's not that I don't like bumps but at 44, with 4 surgeries on my right knee and another to repair a femur, the bumps aren't as good for me as they once were.


Being an easterner, my background is groomers and can't imagine I won't be hitting them when there hasn't been snow for a while. But I certainly am looking for a good off piste ski for that area. Probably will end up with two pair but can always rent powder-specific after a big dump. Unless we get really lucky, I doubt I'm going to catch many big powder days each season to justify buying something more geared taht direction.


it's only been a couple hours and already some good ideas and feedback. Thanks much to all.



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From what I hear, the E98 may be your ticket.  Phil knows much more than I do, though.


Having skied Squaw for a few years, I can say there's quite a variety of skis on the hill.

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My suggestion is to demo a few different models, from the Starthaus in Truckee, where Phil works.  They have an amazing selection, more importantly will help you figure out a few particular models to demo, and then you can make up your own mind.  The demos will be properly tuned, something you can't always count on in demo shops.


And (here's the obligatory Epicski advice) good fitting boots come first.  Also go to the Starthaus for this.

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Bonafide would be my pick as well. I am almost like you and I ski it in 187. Ditto for Starthaus demos.
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