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Birkenstock insoles?

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Anyone tried using Birkenstock insoles in ski boots?

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Uh, after digging the charred seeds out of that little slit where the straps go in? roflmao.gifSorry, hear the word "Birkenstock," and just cannot get rid of certain, ah, associations. But straighten up and get serious: Nope, have not tried that with the insoles. Would guess that they'd be as good or better than the $100 types in ski stores, only issue would be to shape/trim. 

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I asked because I realized this summer that my Birkenstock sandals fit the bottom of my foot better than my custom foot-beds or any of the off-the-shelf insoles I've used. They keep my knees aligned better than anything else I've tried.

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I wouldn't hesitate to try them.  I have a Morton's Neuroma and ortho told me to always wear good foot support, even around the house.

I had a lot of the same associations, but if it helps, why not? 

I got a pair of the sandals just to wear at home.  They're so dam comfortable, I ended up wearing them almost all the time in the summer. 


I have almost every brand of foot beds, off the shelf and custom.  The Birkenstock sandals are right up there with my Superfeet Corks as my favorites.  If you don't like them in ski boots, try them in your biking or hiking shoes?  I rarely have any problems with the neuroma anymore!

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I'm really happy with my cork insoles. I'd recommend you try them.

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There is such thing as too much arch support in a ski boot.  That said, I've always gone with a comfy, nicely broken in athletic shoe insole on top of the standard stock footbed. 

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I checked out their blue full length insoles. They are only cork on the back 2/3rds and they are not as supportive as the basic cork full length footbed in their sandals but they do have the same basic shape. I'm going to try a pair in my golf shoes and see how they compare to the Superfeet Blue and Orange. Anyone think a custom orthotic maker could just duplicate the Birkenstock specifications?

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Birkenstocks have deep foot beds, not sure how you'd get that in a ski boot. 

Custom Kork foot beds seem like a waste for your golf shoes - why not have them custom made for you ski boots if that is what you are really after? 

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^^^ Yeah, getting serious now, a custom molded bed will be/should be a fairly stiff heat-setting plastic that sits low but has enough airspace left under the arch to flex nicely for foot movement. So this is a valid concern. Cork is cool stuff, but it's designed for shoes where the foot can move easily on its own, and so it's all about conforming, period. 

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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post

Anyone tried using Birkenstock insoles in ski boots?


Okay, now this is interesting. Good on ya' for thinking outside the box.

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