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when should i replace my binding screws? i have been told different things.. one friend said when if i pull them out replace them, another said thy only need to be replaced if the threads are worn down 

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Not likely in 99.9% of the time.  You are more likely to experience pull out on the ski before you ever see failure on the fastener (screw) unless it involved faulty screws.

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Your screws are fine, the hole may be a different story.
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The softer mateial usually fails first.  That is why the sell "wood" filler and not screw filler. 


It's going to take a lot to wear out stainless steel, which I believe is what most or many of the screws are made of.  No matter the materail, it will be stronger than the plastic it is screwed into.  Things wear out from use.  How many times do you remove them and put them back in?  Even metal on metal would take a long time to wear.


Take them out, clean them and put them back in per Manf spec (i.e.might need loctite).  I would be more concerned about the hole though and whether the hole is being stressed from misalignment during installation or removal.

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If, by chance, the hole in the ski happens to be failing, heli coils are way better than any other kind of glue or filler alone to repair the spinner.  You can actually use both a heli coil and a small dab of 2 part epoxy in the stripped hole.  Just hope you never need to get that screw out again except to use the binding on a different ski or different mounting point hahaha..


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