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Ex Racer Needs Fitting

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Hello all,


Been a while since i've posted but I am in the market for a pair of boots for this upcoming season. I have been skiing in a pair of Lange RS130 with an old Nordica Doberman 150 Lace liner and have enjoyed them over the past few years, however the liner is getting to be on its last leg performance and structure wise, and I would like to venture into the Technica market.


The boots I am interested in are the Diablo Inferno 130R as it is a true plug boot in a 130 flex. I am about 6'2 and weigh ~175lbs. I am having somewhat of a hard time finding a shop local to me to be fitted properly for these specific boots. I can certainly order them in the 10.5 (280somethingmm) shell I have been using but would like to have them on my feet before dropping almost a grand...


If any one can recommend a local shop and/or bootfitter that can provide these services to me I would greatly appreciate your help. In the past I have used Race Stock Sports in Vermont but am living in CT and a 5 hour drive isnt the most practical for a legit fit and boot work to be done. I am also in need of an insole for my next pair of boots so if there is a one stop shop it would be that easier. Hope to get some insight on this, thanks for advance.

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Don't know your area and who sells what, but without even trying the boot on why limit yourself.  Every boot company makes a 95mm or narrower boot just as everyone makes a 98mm and a 100mm, etc.  I assume since you took the time to contact us that fit is important so don't pick a model without being aware of what else is out there or without a qualified fitter advising on your foot shape.


I used to live in Danbury but don't remember the shops there, and don't recall a good fitting shop however, I could get to Okemo in under three hours with some indiscretion around speeding laws. The leaves are just starting, why not take a weekend and drive into Vermont to visit any number of shops there?  At the very least you'd be able to find a selection of 95mm and 98mm boots.


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