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Upgrade for my Dynastar Mythic Riders

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About 4-5 years ago I purchased a pair of Dynastar Mythic Riders - 178cm.  I think the waist for these is in the 88mm range - not sure.  These have been my every day skis and they've worked well for me.  My stats are 6' heigth, 250lbs and a level 7 skier.  I'm looking to upgrade to a wider waisted ski, but have a very limited budget and thus wondering what's comparable to the Myths in perhaps a 2010 or 2011 model? 


I've spyed a few 2010 - 2011 Dynastar models ... the Legend Pro, Legend Pro Rider and Legend Big Dump and would appreciate comments-thoughts on how these perform in relation to the Myths.  Or are there other brands-models which ones would recommend as replacement.  I'm not especially partial to the Dynastar brand ... but these have worked well for me, so if it ain't broke ...

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I would have suggested the Source but they are out of your size so look at the 185 Movement Pariah :http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/en  I am so tempted to pick up a pair of the Trusts.

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The most important upgrade you can get from your mythic is some rocker up front. I'd recommend looking at Blizzard Bonafide, Rossi Experience98, Nordica Hell&Back.
ProRider105 is a terrific ski which is more stable and way more high performance overall than the Mythic. It may be cheap now too. It will feel big and planky relative to the skis I listed before it. Dynastar Cham 107 is a terrific ski and is easier to ski than the LPR.

Ps. Nothing busts the crud quite like Mythic. That ski was special.
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A lot of what you want depends on what you want to do. What area are these intended for, and what "upgrade" are you looking at. Wider isn't necessarily an upgrade, but again, depends where and what you're doing. Is the replacement for your local area? least coast? West?


The MR is the oldest ski in my SLC quiver,and I'll always regard them fondly. For ice-coast style days when in the SLC area, they're still my go-to. For bigger in SLC, I also have Legend Pro's which certainly have the familial resemblence when skiing them, but at 115 underfoot, are a whole lot larger with a lot more float. I've been a Dynastar fan for years, but don't have a lot of enthusiasm for the latest offerings after demoing them last last year, but, as usual, ymmv.


I don't believe rocker is necessarily an upgrade. For instance, one of the highest rated skis on here, the Kastle MX88 doesn't have rocker, so take such comments with a grain of salt. Rocker works some places, others not-so-much - I have both kinds in my fleet, and don't think blanket statements apply.


When demoing (which by the way is without doubt the best way to find out what YOU like) late in the winter of 2011, I came across the Atomic Access (one of Philpugs bargain picks btw), and within half a run loved it, and got two pairs, one for WB and one for SLC (oh, and it has rocker). At 100mm underfoot it has good width, but is a very snappy ski, not as much of a solid crudbuster as the Mythic, but does pow and crud very well.


Maybe with more of an idea of what you're looking for in an upgrade you can get more suggestions.

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Oh I'm definitely hanging on to the Myths as these will probably morph into my east coast ski.  The Myths are the most solid skis I've had to date.  I've made reservations in Feb to go back to the SLC area.  We'll spend most of the trip between Powder Mtn and Snowbasin.  I love the tree skiing at Powder Mtn and I had in mind a different ski for this trip ... something with just a bit more float, but still snappy and quick turning for tree skiing. 

Thoughts on how the Pro Rider 105 would perform in this scenario? And I'll do some research on the Atomic Access and the Cham-107.

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