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December 15th - Alta

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What kind of conditions can I expect at Alta with a moderate snow season around mid-December? My hopes aren't high, but I am going that weekend regardless.

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Collins and Wildcat should be open. Sugarloaf and supreme I think would be open pending conditions. 


Unless its a very shitty early season you should have some off piste action. 

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Thanks man!  Should be enough for a couple of days of skiing for me then.

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Im going around this time too. I hope it dumps.

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Will be there Dec 6-8th.  Always make it to alta/bird - first weekend in Dec. In 9/10 yrs - collins wildcat and sugarloaf will be open. plenty of skiing.

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Great insight.  Thanks!

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There are no guarantees on Dec. 15, but very few if any other areas could boast any better record than Alta.   In the past 16 seasons Alta has been 90+% open on Dec. 15 in half.  The worst quarter of seasons Alta has been 40-60% open.  Looking at snowfall records, in only 2 of the past 45 years would conditions have have marginal with very little open on Dec. 15.

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Sweet. Im going to be there from the 16th to the 18th then to jackson. i feel pretty confident we should be skiing 60% or more of Alta by mid december. 

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Sounds like there are going to be some other people at Alta this same weekend (15/16).  If anyone is interested in hooking up, shoot me a PM.  I'll be around for sure.

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Ill be there with my dad. Im 21, Hes 60. Intermediate to advanced.

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