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Need advice on new skis to buy. S7's?

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With the craptacular conditions last year, I didn't get around to demoing skis to buy for this year.  So, now I'm going in blind and need some help.
So first off, demoing will not be an option.  I'm purchasing on shop form so the order needs to go in soon.  I'm not too concerned, since I'm purchasing them on shop form, if I don't like them I likely won't lose money as long as I stick to a popular pair of skis.
I've pretty much got the choice between Rossi and Salomon.  I really don't even know much about either of those product lines other than everyone has been raving about the S7's around here for the last few winters.  I know this year they've got a line-up of the S7's, Super 7's and Squad 7's.  
Does anyone have any experience with those skis?  Do you like them?  What terrain do you usually ski them on?  
Details about me: 
  • I'm level 9, been working at resorts for the past 13 years, so I tend to get A LOT of days in every winter.  Home mountain is Moonlight Basin.
  • I really don't ski with a quiver - these skis will be my go to skis for nearly every day on the mountain (well, alpine at least - I usually ski an equal number of days on tele. )  
  • I tend to keep skis for years - my Salomon Guns have been my standard alpine ski now for way too many winters, to the point where they weren't even that usable last winter and I was mostly on my tele's.  
  • I ski all kinds of terrain - lots of steep and deep, lots of trees, plenty of bumps and groomers too.  This ski needs to perform on all of them, but if they specialize in specific terrain, it should be in that order - steeps, trees, bumps, groomers.
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How heavy and tall are you. Need a powder ski or just an everyday ski for the conditions your planning on going in. Any back country planned? Hiking? Ski switch, jib, aggressive?

Sure the s7 is great, I have one and love it, but it's not for everyone.
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Right, that would all be useful info I bet...


* I'm 6', 170lbs


* This ski will be for everything, including a fair amount of powder days.  I'm pretty spoiled at this point, I really don't bother skiing unless there's fresh snow.  


* Hiking, yes.  Sidecountry, yes.  Real backcountry, no - I've got some specialized skis for that.  


* No park stuff, but I will be flinging myself off 5' - 10' drops.

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For your weight and where your planning on skiing I would skip the s7 and either go with a super7 or squad7. Charging steeps the squad 7 would be a better choice due to stiffness and a more traditional tail. The s7 is very soft with absolutely no tail, same goes withe the super7 but just stiffer.
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Based on what I've read / heard...


S7 if you want to be playful (obviously).


Rocker2 115 or Squad 7 if you want to charge a bit more.

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