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Hi Tony; do you have a water content stat for Whistler? 

No.  I contacted them directly and they don't keep historical records.  They have a private weather station that collects data every 15 minutes or so.  Somebody would have to look at that once or twice a day for a long enough time to "settle the data."  I don't have that kind of time or patience, especially during ski season.  Subjectively I think snow in the Whistler alpine is drier than in WA, OR and CA.  I do have data showing Alyeska's snow is 9-10% despite getting at least as much rain as the Whistler alpine.  I would guess Whistler is in the 10% range vs. 12% in the U.S. Pacific states.  I also have no water content data from the "interior Northwest" areas like Red, Fernie, Schweitzer and Whitefish.

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10% range is not so bad.  Snow was pretty good when I was there, so that would tie in with the snow on av being drier than the known wet snow regions.  


Thanks for response 

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After over 450 posts you think this needs bumping?
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