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Replacing my 2 sets of skis.... decision time! Please give your input.

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I'll do a quick overview so you can opt to ignore the rest of the post: 

a.) Volkl Shiro vs Icelantic Gypsy

b.) Rossignol Experience 88 vs Blizzard Bonafide. 


I will be buying on of each for skiing in Colorado. Details below if desired. Thank you in advance.



Location: Breckenridge, CO

Me: 31, 5'8/9" 155 lbs

Ability: Advanced/Expert - Not Pro. (I like drops and trees, but not the 20 footers people commonly speak of here). I love chutes, moderately spaced trees, open bowl areas. I will jib off some features but don't do tons of rotations and while I enjoy landing switch, it is more playing around than a necessity. I definitely care more about the performance when I'm facing down the hill than when backwards. For the front side ski, I want a ski that can actually carve and make some tighter turns when the mountain is inevitably congested and is a good "turny/carver" for groomer days when riding with family/friends of lower abilities. 


I have been on the 178 Rockered Gotama as my one ski quiver for the past 2 seasons. I loved the ski, but decided to get 2 skis that would each serve a purpose and better perform on their days out. I felt the Gotama could have definitely floated better, but really what I missed the most was frontside carving short tighter turns not at mach 1 (Goats were great on groomers...... IF tuned well and going pretty fast).


All that said here are my thoughts:



1.) Volkl Shiro 183. 

2.) Icelantic Gypsy 180.

I've found INSANE prices on both.... and they are $2.00 different in price. No advantage either way (2011/2012 gypsy which I prefer to the 2013 anyway), and 2013 Shiro's

It seems the gypsy has a very similar shape to the Goats that I had/loved..... but allegedly the Shiro handles somewhat like the Goat... Will the wider waist of the Gypsy's offset the more tapered tail of the Shiro for deep snow performance? Which will be better in trees/tighter spaces? which will be more stable? With my skiing style (mentioned above) which would you go with and why? 



Rossignol Experience 88's 178

Blizzard Bonafide's in a 180

Both 2012/2013 models. e88's are $157.00 cheaper 

In my mind, I'm thinking the e88's will be a "turnier" carver and potentially fit the bill of what I wanted out of the front side ski.... then today, I was semi talked into the blizzards by a ski shop owner/friend. I think this ski would also fit the bill but allow a bit more flexibility/advantages for days after storms, or if we get an afternoon dump and I'm already on the mountain (granted my office is across the street from the gondola so a mid day switch isn't the end of the world). 

Note: I do know that the e98 would be a closer comparison to the Bonafides, but the differences are really the whole point in my selections


While I support local businesses, I do not want to buy a ski only "because" it was built in Colorado. I really want to ensure it is the BEST option for my needs. 


Also, I have a set of Marker Dukes and a set of STH 12 oversizeds. Have to decide which set to mount on each ski.


Let me know your thoughts. Please don't throw other ski options in the mix. I have had a hard enough time narrowing it down to this point and these options have the best price points for me ironically as they were the first choices. I am trying to debate the two options on each category and thought that by putting the FULL scenario out that perhaps when selecting the whole quiver it would be easier to compliment the other ski. I'm hoping to get some decisions made before I miss my limited window to pick up the new sets! 

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My only comment is that for the frontside ski, consider the Nordica Steadfast.  It carves extremely well and it also handles powder and crud without complaints.  I ski mostly off piste:  trees, chutes, moguls and I just can't say enough good about this ski.  For really deep snow, I have Icelantic Shamans.

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The 88 is a better frontside ski than the Bonafide. The Shiro is relatively stiff for a deep snow ski and it will need some speed to get it turning in light snow b/c of the stiffness. As long as you liked the Gotama, you should like the Shiro. Can't speak to the Icelantics as I have not skied one in a few years.



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thank you! I ended up ordering to Shiro in  183 size, and the bonafide in 180. I decidedmthe bonafide would offer more versatility in the days after we get fresh snow. i may end up with the 88's as well if work treats me right!

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good choice on the bonafide, but i would have went with the Gypsy... not that the volkl isnt a good ski just the icelantic is a very unique ski...

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