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I have 3 different pair of all mountain skis for my daily drivers.  I have a a pair of 2010 Line Prophet 100's in 172, I have a pair of 2012 Line Influence 105's in 179 and just bought a pair of 2013 Blizzard Bonafides in 180.  So I am looking for a pure powder ski to finish out my quiver.  I only get out west maybe 6-10 days a year and you are never guranteed powder so don't want to break the bank on buying powder skis.   I can get a brand new pair of 2012 Line Mr. Pollard Opus's for $425 which seems like a great price. I am 5' 6" and weigh 165 lbs.  I am an expert skier and am 44.  So I don't ski as hard as I did 20 years ago but still like to get out and rip.  I don't huck cliffs anymore but do like to get in the deep stuff. Only thing is they are only available in 178.  I have read that your powder skis should be a tad longer.  However I love my Line Influence 179's and in fact that is my favorite alltime ski.  I like it better than my P100's in 172 and that is why I decided to get the Bonafides in 180 without demoing them.  Will the 178 MPO be a good size fit for me?