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Mt. Baker Reduces Season for 2013!

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And they increased season pass prices as well.


For as long as I have been a regular at Baker (over a dozen years) the last weekend of the ski season was the last one in April.  The ski area has posted their schedule for 2012/13 and it shows them closing one week earlier than ever before.  I have not seen a year, including the disaster of '05, when the snowpack required a closing this early.  At the same time the next closest WA ski area, Stevens Pass, will extend their year by about three weeks over what they have done in the past, through the first weekend in May.


There is no email link for Baker on their web page, so if you feel like giving them input you'll have to give them a phone call: 360-734-6771

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Baker has had a rough go in visits. Most skiers were Canadian before the collapse of our dollar. Now that the Canadian dollar is worth more than US it makes Baker attractive again. Then you get the post 911 border hysteria discouraging skiers from crossing.  Lots of snow but not enough bodies. Will make the call in any case.

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It's true that season pass holders are the driving force behind Baker's profitability.  This makes it look like that they can cut corners at the end of the season and not worry about pass holders making a stink, since a whole lot of them (like me) won't pay any attention to the closing date until after they've bought their pass.  Last season was far from empty at the end of the season.


It's also true that in the past the Canadian skier was a huge piece of the picture at Baker, but that hasn't been true for many years, even before 9/11 which was 11 years ago.  More have been coming around lately since CDN has jacked up near USD, but it's still not anything like it was.  The increase in skiers/borders has come from the young set since Baker has become a "core" place to be.  Many, many university students and ski/board bums crowd the place on powder days from opening until about 11:30.  Most of them are pass holders.


Remember, Baker pays CASH for everything, including lifts and lodges.  In the past 10 years they've replaced at least two lifts (maybe 3?) and built a new lodge.  It has to come from somewhere.

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money is always the issue - but increase from the north coming - prices are now much cheaper than  Whistler is for day rates.  We stopped skiing Baker as often when it became just as much as Whistler.  Now our dollar back the border can make it a longer trip than Whistler. See they are opening a Nexus lane at Sumas that will help.. Until everyone gets a card. 

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