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Monty on Pole

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Anyone think his car will hold together this time?

I hope the Macs can find some speed for tomorrow. You never know, DC is fast at this track.

What about Rubens and Schumi? Will we see team-orders again, or will one of them take the other to the woodshed with adecisive victory this time?

Will BAR finally get the point?

All will be revealed tomorrow.
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I doubt if Inigo will make it to the end - but his pole lap was amazing!.

News from over here is that Ferrari have told MS & RB that they can race for the rest of the season - no team orders.

I'll be interested to see if the new Jag bodywork improves anything for them.

And I hope Arrows do well - they are on the verge of bankrupcy, and need some good results.

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I hope Arrows do well too? I think they''ve outrqualified Jag at every race with a lower spec engine! That says something doesn't it? It really seems like that team is on the brink. Just like Sauber was last year (or still is?).

Well if they do go under, I hope Ron Dennis hires some of their people.
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At last, a decent race!
Big shame about Arrows, just HHF was charging through the field.

Ron was interviewed afterwards as to what happened to their tactics, etc. He was saying that somehow that a media audio broadcast was being fed through the same frequency as their car-pit comms, which meant that the drivers couldn't contact the crew, and were being bombarded with a broadcast signal. It got sorted out towards the end of the race.

I'll allow MS this race - he did deserve to win it, on the merit of his driving.

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Well now I really feel bad for Arrows. Let's recap: They cant run on Friday because they can't pay their Cosworth bill. On Saturday they outqualify the Jags... again. On Sunday HHF is in points position when his Cosworth goes nuclear. It seems to me that Ford ought to put their name on those engines, then they could have Arrows-Ford getting some points while Lauda continues to aimlessly captain Jaguar.

I'm glad to hear there is some explanation for McLaren's colossal cluster****. It doesn't make it better, but as much as their "strategy" was baffling, you really knew something was wrong when DC came in and nearly ran over the wheel guns. "Oh, he needs FOUR tires!"
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Well do you think it will last this time? He's bound to win one sooner or later. Should be a good fight this afternoon. Watching those two is like watching a boxer vs a ballet dancer.
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It was like old times. I thought a Finn in a McLaren was going to win a GP! Oh well. I hope this mans some more good rces this season. Looking back though, what would have happened if Schumi hadnt gotten that penalty? His car didn't seem that fast, but who knows?

Is RB pissed or what?
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There should be plenty of good racing left. It certainly was an eventful race. I watched it live then watched the replay and still couldn't walk away except for commercials.
I can't wait for Indy.
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