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New Heated Gloves

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Hello All,

I'm in the market for some heated ski gloves. Cold hands while skiing have always been a problem for me. And yes, I know all the hooha about keeping your core warm, etc...... I'm tired of screwing around with the grabber warming packets so I've been toying with the idea of battery heated gloves for a couple of years but I always see lukewarm or bad reviews for them. In any case, I was thinking of the Black Diamond Cayenne or the Chaval Response XRT. Chaval looks like a new brand with a supposedly new technology.  Their website says that their gloves will last 3 times longer than the Cayenne and any other brand which is interesting. Can anyone here verify this? Does anyone have any experience with these or any other heated gloves? Especially the higher end ones? Thanks..

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I have tested the Columbia Bugaglove heated glove:


They were okay, there were a few drawbacks as noted in the review.  And I'm on tap to review a pair of the Chaval gloves this winter if you want to wait for that review:

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Ahhh......this is what I'm talking about! Thank you very much for the reply. I'll be very interested in that review.........I had looked at the Columbia glove a bit but found a few pretty lackluster reviews and the look of that monster gauntlet was a bit of a turn off......fingers crossed for the Chaval looks promising.....

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Thought this might interest you, the price is not bad.


But I have no idea how the hestra glove performs, but at least hestra is a reputable glove brand.

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Any update on those Chaval gloves?

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^I'm finalizing the review now.  

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I'm new here, I realize this post is old, what about the review?



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Originally Posted by dthogey View Post

I'm new here, I realize this post is old, what about the review?


The review hasn't been put up yet, they're a bit backed up on the site. But here:
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I've been meaning to follow up with the link to my review of Chaval gloves:
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