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Elk mating

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Was up most of the night with sounds of the RUT.. Elk bugling within a few feet of my window does not promote sleep.  Anyway, this is yet another positive sign that the seasons are changing and snow is coming,




Here's a you tube of an elk doing his thing - cool to watch, but not at 2 am and 3 am and 4 am..........

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That is an odd noise!  And female elk find this appealing?

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And female elk find this appealing?

  Elk hunters find it VERY appealingdrool.gif

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I make the same noise whenever I don't get my way.

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Moose may be an even odder sound.  Not as annoying, but odd; he is the grunt.  Just not the sounds you would expect from these creatures.

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I first heard an elk bugle when I was twelve. No idea what it was and it scared the crap out of me. I was previously a city boy and we had just moved to a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was just getting dark and I was finishing up doing my chores before dinner out the barn about 100 yards from the house. I don't think Usain Bolt could have kept up with me on the way back to the house. Vivid memory more than 40 years later. 

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