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Best Coat Uncer $240?

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Hey guys, I've been skiing for about 5 years and just grew out of my old coat. I was wondering what the best, stylish looking coat is that is under $240?


I want it to be/have:




lots of pockets

basically waterproof

look good





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There are plenty in that price range from all the big brands.


The best jacket is the one that fits your body the best.

Go to an outdoorsy shop such as REI and start trying stuff on.


No technical sportswear is truly "fashionable".  The underlying fact that it has a practical usage on the slopes makes it unfashionable.  If you truly are fashionable you need to change your outfit to something else post-ski that shows you've spent the effort to change your clothes. (even if it's intended to look like you didn't care).

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The thing that gives you more play in the price range is to find something on close out. Many times you'll find something for 50% off. I did this a year ago and got a $450 Helly Hansen for $225 that fits your description; even is a trim fit.

You usually keep a jacket for a few years, especially if you get a good one, so it doesn't really matter if it is a season or two old.

Also consider getting a shell and wearing layers underneath. Gives you more flexibility with the seasons you can wear the jacket.
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Black Members Only sprayed with Nikwax and a cashmere sweater layered under it? Or, find something in Patagonia Web Specials.
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A light weight "rain shell" with a fleece or sweater underneath is all that is really needed. These typically should run under $150.

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Whatch out for SierraTP coupons and you can easily get a top quality jacket for under that price. SierraTP has good quality shell jackets and also those TNF that comes with a fleece. Another good option that's low price is the OR Motto a nice softshell jacket that you can get for a little over $100 using a 35% or 40% extra coupon.
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Sierra trading post is amazing. I got a $500 phenix jacket for $160 with their stackable clearance coupons. Just sign up for their email list and browse the selections. Absolutely can't be beat!
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