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When I was in town (La Fortuna, Costa Rica) this morning they were closing a bunch of streets and setting up stuff for what looked like a carnival. I was actually on my way into town this afternoon to get a bike myself to get myself around town, when my buddy Mauricio a tour salesman who was going to help me hunt for a bike told me the goings on was for the San Carlos bike race finish. It was a nearly three hour bike race that was finishing right in La Fortuna in front of his tour stand. So I hung out to take some pictures and video. 


The finish line:





A decent ambiance around the line:



And the racers cross the line:





It was a close drag race to the finish with three guys duking it out for the win. I don't know the exact course, but I know it started in San Carlos/Cuidad Quesada and went to Lake Arenal before coming into La Fortuna. 


After the race I went and looked around town with my bilingual tour guide buddy and bought a bike. I got the bike with a lock, reflective vest, front and rear lights, and setup (put on the pedals, adjust the seat and handle bars, fill the tires, etc.) for under $150.