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Did I make a bad purchase.

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Question for the internet.

I would define myself as an advanced skier.

I own a pair of 176 Solomon Equipe 10-3v from 2004. I've used them every season since them. I like them very much, however over the years they have gotten worn and started leaking the Equipe tar goo from inside the ski's one of the pro-link "toes" has even fallen off. I know that those pro-links do next to nothing as the race version didn't have them...


This year I saw an ski that I liked when researched it. The ski and binding combo came well reviewed. So I bought them. reference below.



Maybe its buyers remorse or nostalgia. Did I make a good choice? Or are my old faithfuls still better than these new skis?

Opinions? thoughts?


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the one stat that most categorizes a ski is the waist.  


Your previous ski is a 64mm waist, the new ski is 76mm.    So this is a ski that is fatter, but by modern categorization still considered a skinny front side ski, and maintains full traditional camber profile..  The tip and tails are also fatter all around.


So, because they are still relatively in just about the same class of ski, they aren't necessarily different skis, although may provide a bit more "all-mountain"-ness.  I haven't tried it, but don't think it's a bad ski, and at a relatively inexpensive price. I think a lot of people bought those and enjoy them fine, but maynot be right for an expert who has been there done that..


However, in the market, most people are buying much fatter skis with some form of "rocker" (or early rise or whatever marketting term) to provide them a lot of benefit to easily enjoy off-piste conditions, (sacrificing a little bit of the true on-piste performance).  


If you want the rocker profile, within Rossi, I think the Rossignol Experience line provides that, while Avenger may be discontinued/replaced.

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Awesome reply, thanks. buying a ski that was similar was part of my decision making. Ultimately i'm going to have to ski with both and decide for myself, thanks for the input.

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