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new vector for land speeds

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Hola, mis amigos y amigas!

My new rocketship is built and has seen 3 rides so far. She's a beaut... here's the link to my photo album:


comments, criticicisms, complaints, camraderie welcome
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its sooooo..... beautiful. Usually only a gorgeous woman or some nice skis can affect me like that

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Whats the full weight? Hows the 5th Element performing? Can you give us a full spec?

"The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys".


PS If you hear anything new on the Santa Cruz Blur please let me know.
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Fully built weight is 35.75 lbs, thanks mainly to the XC crank and the fairly light wheels. Here's the parts spec:

2002.5 Santa Cruz Bullit frame, Trans Red color, medium size
FSA Pig DH headset
2002 Marzocchi Super T Pro fork
Titec Knucklehead stem (90deg10rise)/bar
SRAM Rocket/Attack shorty shifters
ODI Lock-On grips (Yeti Hardcore twist length)
Hope Mini disc brakes 185mm front, 165mm rear
Truvativ Sealex DH ISIS bottom bracket
Truvativ Stylo Team ISIS crank
Kooka Crankcase bashguard
Sun/Ringle ZuZu pedals
Shimano XT rear der, Deore front der
Trans-X QR seatpost collar
Titec seatpost
Titec Berserkr DH KCX saddle
Sun Rhyno Lite rims
Shimano XT Disc rear hub
Marzocchi QR20 front hub
Wheelsmith 14 ga spokes
WTB MutanoRaptor 2.4 Race rear tire
WTB WeirWolf 2.5 Race front tire
CoreRat stem pad

The Progressive 5th Element is a work of genius. Even though the Bullit has 7" travel front and rear, it climbs bob-free, very much like a hardtail, and definitely more efficiently than my very efficient Ellsworth Isis. From that incredible initial compression damping, it proceeds to swallow everything so smoothly you can't believe that just a few moments ago, you were climbing on something that felt like a hardtail. These are just my impressions with the factory settings. I haven't even started tuning it yet!


No word yet on the Blur other than August scheduled delivery to shops/buyers. I know someone who has one on order. As soon as it arrives and is built, I'll let you know what I learn.
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Hey Gonz - Have you dialed in the 5th Element yet? I've heard it takes quite a while, but once completely dialed in, it's the best out there.

Did you go with the titanium spring? I think that spring alone costs more than I paid for my first "real" mountain bike.

When you bringing that bad boy East?
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