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Line Prophet 100 with Dynafit TLT Radical FT Binding

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I bought skis Line Prophet 100 (http://www.epicski.com/products/2011-line-prophet-100-ski#description) in lenght 186cm, 134/100/125, @17, and I want to use binding Dynafit TLT Radical FT (http://www.dynafit.com/product/bindings/tlt-radical-ft-110mm-z12) also for ski touring. I'm 181cm tall, 95kg (210 lb) heavy and ski 50% all mountain, 20% groomers, 30% powder. Got anyone experiences with this combination or what's your opinion? 

Because I heard that with these skis at underfoot 100mm I can rip of the binding from the ski in some hard turns because they have metal blade instead of titan in construction. I read also about pre-release of heel unit while in downhill mode, is it so serious? 


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Dynafit is a light weight touring binding..... doesn't really sit with your intended use.  Given your size/use, if you want AT capability I would be looking at a Baron/Duke/Tour or the Salomon offering.  And with the Dynafit binding you will need a Dynafit compatible boot.

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I don't think these skis are an obvious touring ski. But if you like them for typical touring conditions you will see then its all good. Are you intending to use these for primarily touring or more at the ski area? 

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But Dynafit got series of TLT bindings marked as Ski Touring (ST) and Freeride Touring (FT) so I think there should be some differences in construction and function (http://www.dynafit.com/products-winter/bindings.html).I forgot to mention that with whole gear I will be about 110kg (242lbs) heavy, is it still ok with this set >  boots Dynafit ZZeus TF-X or Titan Ultralight TF-X  + radical FT + Line prophet 100. 
I was thinking to reuse binding from old skis - Fritschi Freeride Plus but want to go in something lighter what will hold me in each situation as good as Fritschi.
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Tromano - situation is so that I had good price for these skis so I bought them and now I'm looking for suitable binding which is not so heavy and can use it also for touring. 
my intend is to use them hmm lets say 60% ski area and 40% allmountain/freeride. It's hard to say because I don't know how many snow we will have this winter.
What do you say on combo with Marker Duke or wait for Salomon Guardian?
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I would much prefer to ski a step-in binding if the intended use is mostly inbounds (so I would avoid tech bindings like dynafit). Of the step-in touring options, I think the duke is really a good binding (assuming you are ok with the stack height). I have seen the salomons, they seem to have lower stack height, and I think the ability to switch modes with out taking the ski off is nice whne touring. But for mostly in bounds, not very relevant. The dukes are proven. So I would go with them given the typical issues with 1st gen touring bindings. 

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Johnny, Dynafit's Radical FT series are for free ride and people have done a lot of hard stuff on them. But unless you intend to do a lot of up, tech binding doesn't make a lot of sense here, since the weight saving won't be enough to make a huge difference because your skis are heavy to begin with. If you are talking about mostly side country, You can also look the Market Tour F10/F12 series, a little bit cheaper, a little bit lighter.


Not sure if you know, if you get tech binding, you also need tech binding compatible touring boots.

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Yep I was also thinking about Tour F12 but there is comparable amount of plastic as on Diamir Freeride Plus which I have on my old skis (Salomon Lord) and when I was skiing on those I could hear som cracking of plastic in the binding but nothing is broken. Also the weight is very similar > (1/2 pair) Diamir FR+ 1022g (2.25 lbs) and Baron 1288g (2.84 lbs).

That's why I want to go in Barons because they are more stiffer in some parts - Stainless Steel. Or you think there is not so big difference between Tour and Baron? And crampons from Tours are usable on Barons?


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Answer this question. When you ski, do you waltz with the mountain or do you beat it into submission? If you are at war with the mountain, the failure factor is higher. The plus for Dynafit is light weight, a very solid boot-binding-ski connection and less weight to lift in the stride. Minus is the fiddle factor to get into the binding at the transition. Like any high performance, lightweight product,  proper mounting and maintenance is key. I see there is a metal layer in that ski so ripping out should be less of an issue if the binding is mounted properly.

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I hated the Freeride because for some reason, I always felt my boots are moving on the binding in downhill mode (they are properly mounted, verified by several reputable shops). They are heavy as hell, and I can't feel the skis. I used Tour F10 for awhile as my side country and resort setup and they worked fine. Durability isn't an issue with me, but since they are more of a lightweight setup (more plastic) and you are a pretty big guy (no offense), I would go with Baron or the Duke. For uphill, tech binding is not just for weight saving, it's also more efficient on the stride (more anatomically correct) than any other bindings. In the end, you have to figure out where you want to ski the most and how hard you ski. If you are a hard charger and get big air all the time, then Baron all the way.

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