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ZipFit models fit

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Anyone care to offer any insight on the differences between the various models of the ZipFit liners. They are only available in one style where I do most of my boot shopping. Any idea of the difference between the Classic and World Cup and GranPrix. Specifically if a boot fit with the standard performance (not a race boot) liner would you expect to start shopping for a Classic and if so how much less volume would there be in the World Cup or Gran Prix? Could a lower volume liner be made to work by the boot fitter or should you start with a different model ZipFit.

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Don't know about Zip-fit, but my experience with Intuition liners was that I bought the wrong liner and despite the best efforts of my bootfitter we just couldn't get it to work.  The solution was to go to Intuition headquarters and try on several models until I found the one that mated with my foot and shell.  I would expect that Zip-fit liners are similar in this regard.


Bottom line is that you shouldn't try to buy boots over the internet, and the same goes for replacement liners.  You might get lucky, or you might be able to get your boot fitter to tweak it, but you also might be looking at a salvage job as you try to make the wrong liner fit your feet and shell.  Finding a place where you can try them on first will save a lot of grief.

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you really need to know last size of the boot, I put a Gara in a 98 last and was a little loose in when warm out , sold them and picked out a world cup modeI, I was also a minis 1 from my shoe size. make sure your shell size is right about 5/8' behind heal with foot in shell no liner. zip fits will have great heal hold down, will make boot stiffer and are warm. most performance boot are a  100 last.  grand prix will be the best choice. they are also very true to size , so if you boot is a 28.5 order a 28.5 liner. they are easy to fit and last a long time 300+days. hope that helps

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