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Do I want Barons? What do I want!?

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I have an unending appetite for the steep, tight trees of VT. Unfortunately I live in NJ so my days in the trees are limited by distance. On the east coast I rarely ski south of Stowe, preferring to go there, Jay or similar northern resorts. I probably get about 10 days a year up there with two or three additional days in NJ/Southern NY/PA. I also try to get out west once or twice a year for 2-3 ski days at a time, I most often end up in the SLC area because it's conducive to quick trips. In VT or out west I enjoy slackcountry and short hikes. (hellbrook, hourglass as Stowe examples)


When skiing with others who don't like the woods as much as I do, I like to mess around on natural trailside features, ride switch, run moguls, and will pop through the park any chance I get. This is much more likely in Jersey.


I have never done any touring, all my hikes have been bootpack, but I have a delusion that one day I might - or would at least like the option.


So I found a screaming deal on '12 Volkl Bridges and need to pick a new binding to go with them. Realistically, I will probably have less than one chance a year do even a short tour, but I have dreaming about having Barons even since I found out that there is a binding that will do what they do. I know this is a borderline poser move, I don't care. I do care about actually liking the bindings.


I have been skiing on a pair of K2 Silencers with regular Griffons for the past few years.


Are there any uses for a/t bindings other than skinning up a hill? Will they make flat traverses more tolerable? When I end up on the Stowe xc trails, will I be able to freeheel out of there instead of skating? Will others be jealous that I can magically traverse flat runouts after switching over to touring mode?


Or would I be better off with griffons/jesters, being lower to the ski and having a lighter weight setup with fewer moving parts to destruct?


I have also been thinking about Schizos since when I am in Jersey I am much more park oriented. They seem to be the same (or more) weight than barons though and I am not sure how often I would actually take the time to adjust my stance. Was anyone on the fence about schizos who came to really like them?


I am not married to marker - I just have been comfortable with their bindings for awhile and would like to stick with a company I know.


Thanks hivemind!

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I answered my own question and went with Griffon Schizos. I guess since my dreams of becoming an avid sidecountry toursmin will likely never come to fruition, I'll get my kicks by moving the bindings back and forth in a different way. Evo's got a nice deal on the '12's right now which helped.

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Nothing wrong with hiking it, just get a backpack with a ski carry system.  I lugged my ski around for many years before i got AT bindings and skins, much easier to access fresh untouched areas.  Once you find your sweet spot on the skis you wont be moving them around....much better bindings on the market. As long as you're happy, who cares right. 

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