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Dick Barrymore

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Lots of folks here know who he is, and his films are mentioned in many threads, but seems like he deserves

a thread of his own, so here are a few things to kick it off...


Dick Barrymore Filmography at IMDB


Exclusive Interview Dick Barrymore from Powder (October 1980)


Dick Barrymore, pioneer filmmaker of action skiing, dies at 74


This clip is from Barrymore's 1972 film The Performers...



Barrymore is one of the pioneering ski filmmakers featured in Greg Stump's Legend Of Aahhh's.


Stump skied in Barrymore's last film Vagabond Skiers, and Legend of Aahhh's is dedicated to him.

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RIP, Dick Barrymore


Those who make modern skiing video stand on his shoulders. He left a lot of great film that got me stoked on our sport.


I always smile watching skiers of that era just rip powder on the old pencil-stick skis. Living Proof that real wide skis are not absolutely required. Easier for sure, but, respect the skills of those early skiers.

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First helmet-cam?? Makes me think of Astraltune smile.gif



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At 2 min. the wet look.  I had one of those.  Looked good on me.

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I always like Dick's movies a lot more that Warrens.   One of my buds skied for him a lot. 



Rip In Peace Dick & Lane!

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I tried to summarized in one short blog post who Dick Barrymore last Summer. There is one clip and a few links to some great pieces on the man.


Ski Mad World's Friday Night Video: Dick Barrymore


As I mentioned, Barrymore "was a pioneer filmmaker and one of the last ski bums."

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1971 and the demo team members don't look like they are giving up a bit of performance on that old gear.


I tried to ski like that but always ended up in a spectacular yardsale.  It sure was fun when I was young enough to absorb the damage, get up and try again and again and again.


Went thru a lot of used Heads that way.


Winter is coming!

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I thought Snowbird didn't open till January of 72?  Perhaps they skied it preopening? 



Those guys are good, but I still bet they edited out some yardsales.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post
Those guys are good, but I still bet they edited out some yardsales.


They do that in most ski films, no?  ;-)



Photographer Dick Barrymore goes powder skiing in Chamonix. Featured are Susie and Ken Corrock; Pierre Poncet and Phillipe le Cadre on monoskis.

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I remember a Ski Magazine artcle "Dick Barrymore, you Fink!"  Seems he filmed skiing Chamonix's Mer de Glace/ Vallee Blanche 20 km run, but only showed the steep upper part, not the long flat slog out.

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First time hearing of this guy, but really enjoyed the video footage.

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Thanks for sharing this. icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Thanks for sharing this. icon14.gif


Hey, the guy really lived the dream, and inspired a lot of people to at least think about doing the same. Gotta love and respect him! Plus, great stoke for this time of year!   ;-)


Originally Posted by Joal View Post

First helmet-cam?? Makes me think of Astraltune smile.gif



Big thanks for sharing ^^^ that! Awesome!!  icon14.gif

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Barrymore, Miller, and Jay documented A golden age of winter sports.  Barrymore really did tell more of a story with his films.  Imagine who he can have for a cast of characters now rolleyes.gif.

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I've always loved Dick Barrymore's ski videos.  Last winter I found a short movie he made featuring 'Ted Shred' a character in Canadian Mountain Odyssey.  Ted is shown riding what now is considered to be a vintage Burton snowboard.  I would love it anyone can identify the it an early 80's Burton Backhill?  Have a look here -




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Nick, that is fantastic - what a treasure! Thx for sharing!  icon14.gif

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Technology meets vision. Cool pic!

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Do you know the source of this Dick Barrymore image?

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@Matchstix  you need to check this out. 

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Dick Barrymore and Pierre Poncet ski Mike Doyle's monoski in the Cariboos in 1979. From The Golden Years of Ski Films by Dick Barrymore.

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