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Getting back into it - Need help with everything

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Hi all. Just found this forum yesterday as I was doing research online. Pretty impressed with all the good advice I see here so I'd like to get some help from the experts. I am 41 and getting back into skiing after a loooong hiatus. I think it might be 15 years since my last ski trip so the technology has completely changed and I am absolutely starting over when it comes to equipment.


Where in the world are you skiing?


I'm in Buffalo, NY. I have 2 youngsters and a wife that I want to introduce to the sport so we are going to spend the winter at the Buffalo Ski Club taking lessons, etc. We might take the occasional trip to Holiday Valley, Holimont or another local hill. I might end up out west this winter but will be a few years before the family is taking regular trips west.


What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry)


Who the hell knows anymore but when I quit I liked steep, trees, moguls and powder. Realistically in the near term I am looking at rebuilding my skills on groomed runs and work my way back to the steep stuff. If I leave the snow for any length of time I assume that something will have gone horribly wrong.


How advanced are you as a skier?


I was advanced when I quit, went anywhere on the mountain both out east and Alta, Jackson (ok maybe not ANYwhere at Jackson Hole biggrin.gif). At any rate I am confident that my skills will return but need a ski that will assist that process.


How many days a year do you ski?


Let's go with 10 -15


What's your height and weight?


5'11" 175


I am obviously very confused by the ski options currently out there. My current thought is that I should get a 75-80 width carving ski that has some ability to ski more all-mountain if needed. Having last bought skis in the mid 90s (the years, not widths) anything wider than 80mm looks like a waterski to me. I am very excited to try the new tech but don't want to buy a wide ski just because.


Any help narrowing this down to a category (with maybe a few representative skis for reference) would be much appreciated! I have a local shop that was steering me to intermediate-advanced skis like rossi experience 78, atomic smoke ti 77, Volkl rtm 75. Also saw the 2012 K2 Rictor 80 and 2012 Rossi Avenger 76 discounted.


TIA, can't wait to get out there again!



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Greetings. Impressed that you actually used the template - Congrats.


Of course, you'll be advised ad nauseum to get boots first, and that's quite correct, so first go to a good shop who knows how to fit boots, and make the first investment there.


I was a least coaster for 40+ years and my particular bent was for Dynastar. As you're going to have to invest $400-$500 in boots, getting a used pair of skis might work well. Probably you wouldn't go wrong with a used pair of 8000's, or Sultans (80mm waist). I think they had a 178 length that would work.


Some swear by Volkl AC's. I found them just like a 2 x 4 as do some of the more respected reviewers here, but to each their own.


K2 Rictor was OK last year, but avoid the old Recon at all costs. The ski with no personality.


Anyway, there's many, many options. If there's a place to demo local that's always the first choice.


For the kids, I used to have a season rental for them, as they grew too much every year. Seems to have worked as they're both superb skiers now.

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Those skis all sound like reasonable choices for what you're intending to do.  Right now, ridiculously wide skis are in fashion, but  those 110 mm skis aren't going to do much for you in Buffalo.  A 75-85 mm ski will get you through most anything you're likely to encounter at Holimont, Bristol, etc. and still feel nimble on the hardpack (which you'll probably be skiing most of the time anyway.)


Welcome back.

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Welcome to Epic! Boots first. From a good fitter. Then rent skis until you decide what you like. And use the savings for lessons.


Or buy some used/demos on fleabay. Or go Google some of the end of season sales just now closing down. Yep, high 70's to high 80's will give you the most choices. Skis like last season's Rossignol Avenger 82 Ti, Atomic Blackeye Ti, Blizzard 8.1 Magnum, Fischer Motive 84 will give you some room to grow, can carve on eastern ice but have enough float for a bit of powder, are happy place for an average size intermediate to advanced.


Good luck.

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You are looking at the correct width range of ski. You probably won't need the top models of ski anytime soon and generally a step down from the top is still a very good ski. OTH if you choose a top model ski you probably won't have issues as long as you don't get one that's too stiff,. Here's an example of a top model ski that has been consistently ranked highly by the ski publications but that won't spank you when you make a mistake.





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Thanks for the advice. I will certainly put some effort into getting the right boots. There is a tent sale in Elicottville this weekend that I plan to hit and see what's what.


SJ, the Firearrows look interesting and the price is great obviously. I'm thinking about that one for sure, I guess the 172 makes sense for me.

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Originally Posted by WoolPants View Post



SJ, the Firearrows look interesting and the price is great obviously. I'm thinking about that one for sure, I guess the 172 makes sense for me.


Given your intended usage, yes.....that's the size. FWIW we only have a few 172's and the chances of them lasting until next are slimmish.



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Since I'm sure you all are mashing F5 repeatedly to see what I decided on, I picked up a pair of last year's Fischer Motive 80s in 168 for less than half retail. SJ, I decided the Nordica FA might be a bit strong for me as I try to ramp my skills back up.


The Motives appeared to be very forgiving and all purpose. If you think I made a terrible decision, it's too late so keep it to yourself! biggrin.gif


I will get boots professionally fitted at the Garage in E-Ville. I spoke to Tim there over the weekend and I'm comfortable that he will steer me in the right direction. I agree with the advice on this forum that getting the correct boot is key.


Thanks for all the great advice and info in this forum, it really got me up the curve quick.



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