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Squaw Opening Day 11/16/2012

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And so it begins...on a Wednesday.

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I never understood why they announce this so far ahead of time.  If it nukes snow the first 3 weeks of November (optimistic aren't I?), they aren't going to open early?

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Posted several weeks ago.  Alpine is scheduled for December 7 -- a day that shall live in infamy.


Yeah, they could open earlier if they get dumped on.  But the target dates are as much an HR and budgeting matter as anything.

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I don't know how much advance weather forecasting goes into it, but it seems consistent with previous opening days.  For a place as big and well-known as Squaw, I think they need to have a clear target.  Not only is there all the human resources stuff, but there's all that new snowmaking equipment to fire up, bookings to take for lodging and lessons, etc.


Two years ago, they got a well-timed big dump and opening day was a powder day, before Thanksgiving.  I'm not holding out for that this year.

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Yeah, I know... it would just make a little more sense at this point to give a date range.  Opening day will be November 14 - 21 depending on conditions, so if it does snow early they're prepared.  Anyway, I know that doesn't fit the profit at all costs model.

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Just thought I'd update this incredibly important thread, in case anyone comes looking...


Squaw has moved up their opening day to Friday, November 16, 2012.

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I changed the title. Unfortunately, I have to work Friday.

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I'm not sure how much you're missing...





A day skiing is better than work, but I certainly didn't choose to drive 4 hours each way for that.

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I decided to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to head up.  I figure more terrain / lifts will be open by then.

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Squaw says they're going to open the upper mountain on Friday, if all goes well.  No mountain run, though.

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Source?   Details?

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First off, I think I got the days confused and it's actually today (Nov. 22, Thanksgiving).  As for source, they had it at  I just checked and they're running Shirley, Emigrant and Solitude.

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^^ Yes, they've been running them.  It's been discussed in the Tahoe thread.

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