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Could it be DC's on a late season "charge"? :
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Currently watching the qualifying.

Ralph is going well, and Michael isn't!

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MS's last qualifying lap started in traffic, he had an amazing 2nd sector, but lost all his advantage - not enough downforce on the final corner - he drifted wide, ended up in 3rd.
Inigo on pole, Ralph 2nd, Michael 3rd... Fast Eddie 17th!

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The words out that Eddie's not too motivated. BAR told JV he had to take a cut in pay. Maybe the days of these guys getting big bucks(pounds) is over.
Anyway, MS probably looks good for the race if they get the "primary car" working. JP is on soft tires it sounds like and wear is supposed to be a problem. DC's launch control has been good before so the start should be interesting.
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Are you watching this?

WHen do you think Reubens will be ordered into 2nd place?
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Everyone, including our US commentators, was on the edge of thier seats right to the wire. Kind of strange to be holding your breath to see which team mate will be allowed to win.
Some good action at the start. DC's launch control was outstanding once again. As Michael passed Juan Pablo the comment was made here that "it's like a contest between a ballet dancer and a prize fighter".
At least there wasn't any booing. Rumor has it that Ferrari has a new, more powerful, engine for the British race. Maybe a 1-2 in the championship as well?
Have you got your tickets for Silverstone?
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No tickets for the GP, unfortunately. I don't even know anyone to get in on the corporate hospitality, but I'll keep trying!

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Are they more expensive over there? Some of the best seats at Indy have a face value of $85. Last year we sat in that section(by turn 1) and paid $60. Indiana allows "scalping" and tickets are pretty easy to find.
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Unfortunately not that cheap - most of the British Grand Prix is corporate hospitality, and getting a ticket would cost a lot ($200 plus), unless anyone on here can get me one cheaper???

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Originally posted by SLATZ:
If you could get here the Indy deal would probably equal the price of the ticket over there.
...Sounds just like clothes shopping - it's chaeper for me to go to the US once a year to buy clothes than it is to buy them here!
Nice plan, the only problem is it would use up some of my holidays, which would mean less time for skiing!

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I'd heard they were expensive over there. F-1 isn't as popular over here. If you could get here the Indy deal would probably equal the price of the ticket over there. You can get an infield ticket for all 3 days for $35(or was it $50?) For Saturday qualifying we parked in the infield right under the big scoreboard(for free). Of course I'm used to getting there early for ski racing.
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Important to keep the priorities straight.
How about that million dollar fine the FIA gave our boys in red?
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Peanuts, Slatz. Peanuts.

Or better said, half a peanut since Ferrari has to pay cash only half of it, and the other half will have to be paid only if the premiation ballet (MS literally shoving RB to the winner spot) will be repeated before the championship is over.
No one contested the order given to RB to let
MS win, that is something accepted, and practiced
by all teams (even if most deny it).
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We were just talking about you. How have you been? I thought you decided to stay at the ocean.
Things are looking good for the "home" team.
I'm in full work mode right now getting ready to go to Mt Hood on Friday.
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Thanks Slatz.
Not really fine.
After two dd by the seaside I got bronchitis, and had to spend 5 dd in bed (alone) and swallow
antibiotics in such quantities that
I remained groggy for the rest of the holyday.
Bummer. I have not fully recovered from said
bronchitis, yet (the air conditioning at the office is not helping much).
Kids had a blast. Swimming and snorkeling
all day long...
Added thrill came when the coast guard started to patrol the shores, on ground that a shark had been
seen off-shore.
The poor animal was fished out in less than half a day and turned out to be an innocous Elephant shark (a plancton eater).
There are so few that I deem a mortal sin to fish one.
And yes, I would have loved to stay there forever.
Enjoy your trip to Mt. Hood!

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