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Friggin' Germans... USA out of World Cup

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those dang Aryans... veritable giants towering over the average-sized US players. Despite excellent play by O'Brien, Donovan, Hajduk and others on the US WC team, the Germans were steadier, smarter and sharper when it mattered. They wore out the US team -- the US players were noticeably fatigued by around the 60th or 65th minute. Passes were made at 85% effort, players stood and watched balls instead of trying to control play, and the Germans were able to sit back and let the US players make mistakes on which they could capitalize and control the entire 2d half.

A well-played World Cup for the US team, for sure. Too bad they couldn't play today's 2d half as well as they did the first.
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Shows you how little I understand football... I was under the impression that the U.S. team outplayed them.
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5 days of rest vs. 3 showed in the second half. But the fact that Germany was literally locked in their box towards the end of the match says a lot of the US team.

Very well played game, unfortunately execution was opposite of what they showed during the game with Mexico.

I am still wondering about that hand save though - so what that he did not move his arm, he moved his body for sure to get in the way of the ball. If the hand was not there, it would been a score. Tough call for US.

Also that header from (I could never spell his name) defender who went to play offence in the last minute should been a goal. Nobody was even challenging him.

Anyway, great game - unfortunately scoring chances do not count.
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The hand ball was a tough call. There really was not enough motion from the defender to make the call. I thought the game was very physical on the part of the US and I was pleased to see the refs keep the match moving. Germany played smart. They were flawless on defense and pressured when they saw weakness or tired US players. I liked the US line-up. It was something Germany had not seen in world cup play but I just don't think Germany was prepared either for that level of play out of a US national team on three days rest. Brilliant play many shots on goal, the looper by Reyna was brilliant! I thought that was going to be the equalizer. This was a tremendous shot in the arm for U.S. Football.
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There were many great chances in the second half. And Mostly to the US,in reward of their efforts. Both sides were tired! The Germans had two 1 0n 0 tries that never saw a shot as the US team put everyone I mean every one up, Friedel was waving the whole team up to the box. Our guys got back to tackle just the same!

The Germans dominated the air, and that is an important part of the US game. But we beat 'em on the attack over and again. The last 10 min. saw a lot of bad passes from the US players, but the Germans had been making the same all along.

We sure did give up a lot of free kicks just outside the box, and those possibilities put a lot of stress on everyone. Again the "air control" was all with the Germans

I truely inspiring performance from the US team!

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Wait til 2006. The US team is young and more young players are coming up. Too bad we steer our bigger athletes towards basketball & football....Germany's size was their main advantage.
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