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2012 Volkl Kendos - Opinions?

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Hey All! So here's my brief story. I've lived out in Whistler and Golden, BC for the past six seasons. Unfortunately, had to move back out east for work so my Gotamas (176cm) aren't going to cut it. I found a great deal on the 2012 (non rockered) Kendo, which I've decided on getting as the width is good all around and I love a stiff ski on the bulletproof ice that I moved out West to get away from :)


So here's my issue. I am having such a tough time deciding on the length, so thought I would see if anyone else on here has some experience with these. I'm 5'6 and about 155-160 pounds. Been skiing 25 years on varied terrain with an aggressive syle. My last pair of Eastern skis (7 years ago) were Head XP 100's in 163cm. They were ultra short, 66mm underfoot, big sidecut and super stiff.


So here's the dilemma. I can't decide between a 170cm or 177cm for the Kendo's. I'm at a loss as to whether I want to stick with a similar length as my Gotamas (I got used to this length, even on the ski outs) and enjoy the speed, or cut it down to 170cm and go for more manouverability in the trees and bumps. If these were straight skis I would hit the 170, but I'm worried that 170 might be a bit short with the twin tip. On the other hand, 177 might be a bit much for an Eastern ski and not much powder. As I can't settle on the perfect length of 174, any suggestions based on experience?



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The Kendo isn't a twin - it has a flat, rounded tail with a slight upturn.  Great ski for the east.  It will be a touch stiff in the tail for bumps and trees (depending on the terrain), but ideal everywhere else.   Go with the 170cm.

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Thanks man, much appreciated! Sorry, I tend to use twin tip much too liberally haha. I'm leaning toward the 170. But damn, already missing the west and it's not even October....

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It's a flat tail with a very slight upturn, got mine sitting beside me for reference.. I your height the 170 would be optimal, however at your weight and if you ski aggressively enough you could go for the 177. The 170 would be a little more fun in the tight trees and bumps, but the 177 would be a tad more stable at speed.

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At most eastern resorts, 170 for your size and mission. If a few up in northern VT or Canada, then 177. 

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Thanks for the input, much appreciated! I'll be skiing mostly in Canada (Tremblant and the Eastern Townships) with a few trips to Jay Peak in VT. The 177 would be perfect for Tremblant as it has an ok vertical where it's nice to rip top to bottoms, but the 170 would probably do me better in the townships and Jay where I generally stick to the trees. I'm sure I'll be happy with either, but still a tough call... thanks again!

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