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Happy Birthday to Trekchick!!!!!

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Yes, it's that day again, when we celebrate the special day of our one and only Trekchick! Happy birthday to you, Tricia, and many, many more even better than the last one. 


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Happy birthday, and thanks for all the effort and enthusiasm you put into Epicski.

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Happy BDay!  beercheer.gif

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Many happy turns Tricia.
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you can take the girl out of Cadillac, but you can't take the Cadillac out of the girl.... a class act. Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday!
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have an excellent day!

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Happy birthday, TC!  I look forward to some more turns with you at Squaw this season.

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Party on! Forever! Congratulations.

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Happy birthday Tricia.  Hope you git sum! (whatever that might be th_dunno-1[1].gif).

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Happy Birthday Tricia......for your enthusiasm on Epic...and the breath of fresh air on AZ.



Steve (AZ/"bigbog")

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Very Happy Birthday Tricia!


You're somehow born with that gene for helpfulness, and I think we have all been blessed with your presence, both on Epic as well as your tireless efforts at organizing the last Gathering.


(P.S.  Shamora says Happy Birthday, too.) 

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I can't believe it's your birthday, I'm so much better than you! beercheer.gif

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy B'day TC

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Happy Birthday- much good health and many laughs along the way.  

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You only age when you let the body tell the mind its old.


Happy Birthday

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To Alex and Xela, we'll for sure  ski together at Squaw this coming season. 

Desired, please send Shamora my thanks and my love.  She is so special. 

Eleeski, I'll follow you and pick up the pieces. biggrin.gif



I can't believe you're sending a beer cheer, I cheer so much better than you!yahoo.gif



Gettingthere, I'm hoping to ski with you again this winter.  You still at Northstar with your family?  


Finndog, isn't it your birthday too? 


This community has been a source of great friendships and much personal growth over the years.   I look forward to meeting old friends and new this coming season. 


Gearing up  for the next trip around the sun.

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Happy Birthday Tricia.

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( ( ( (H) ) ) )


Happy Birthday Tricia

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Happy birthday, and may you have many more.

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Totally Happy Totally Birthday!  


Thanks for the great advice.

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Happy birthday!!!
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Happy BD Trish,


Please tell what Gaperboy is doing for you tonight, other than letting you use his new Iphone. Hmm, he should just give it to you!

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Happy happy joy joy on your b-day!
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Have Fun and make a few turns for me!

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Cheers, Happy Birthdaybeercheer.gif

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