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Reputability of online store - www.snowinn.com

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Has anybody purchased anything from snowinn?

Their prices have underwritten local ones substantially, so much so it seems suspect!

Thanks in advance
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i stayed away but they look legt. i just dont take chances when putting my card online...i only shop online for ski stuff at evo

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I have purchased from Snowinn. They have very good prices, often on leftover closeout products. International shipping costs from Spain can be high. They can be a little slow to ship, but are trustworthy.

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DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. They do not respond to emails in a timely fashion, and so they would not cancel my order even though they said that they would. I now have to sell an unwanted product on Ebay. Cheap is not the best.

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Very little information online about them in terms of reviews/feedback.  Appear to be based in Spain.  They have a good rating (but very few actual reviews) on trustedshops.co.uk, but I have no experience with how reliable that site is.


They have a FB page.  Found a few posts of people saying they did buy things from them.  Some complaints of stuff not being in stock when the site said it was, poor communication, that sort of thing.  Looks like they've been around for a few years and are probably not outright frauds, but maybe flaky.

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I have received an order from this website.  They have awesome prices but customer service suffers a bit as a result.  Made the order on a Friday and kept on getting automated emails over the weekend requesting ID for verification.  Sent a scan of some ID but continued to receive the emails.  Basically, they were out for the weekend and seemed to automatically be sending the same email over and over without anyone at the office to check for a reply being sent.  Gave them a call on Monday and they accepted the verification and put the order through without any problems.  Package arrived on the following Saturday.  The box had no protective packaging but luckily nothing inside was damaged (a heavy item was packed in with a fragile item just loose in the box).


The website said the items I bought were the last item in stock and that turned out to be true.  Snowinn seems like a decent company as long as you order something in stock.  If you need to contact them, keep in mind that there doesn’t seem to be anyone around during the weekend.  They also don’t seem to be too great at answering emails (I remember I sent an inquiry ages ago that never got a reply) so just give them a call during office hours.  I haven’t returned anything but I can’t imagine that being much fun.


If you know exactly what you want and don’t think you will need to return an item they seem to be a great place to order from.  Insanely cheap.  I would order from them again.  If you want customer service, just pay a bit more and buy from somewhere else.

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Ordered one size of ski, not in stock when stated it was, wait, wait and wait a bit more. The. The wrong size appears. Now on the invoice the wrong size is in fact stated, however I have my order with the correct size stated. Contacted 'customer service' (no honestly don't laugh they do have a department called that) and after trying to explain the issue and stating I could see how the mistake could be made as I added to the order and it needed re keying by their staff(!) I was told that couldn't be the case and constantly talked over, being told to take a photo! I used a bit of assertiveness and restated what I wanted to resolve the situation and was told I was being rude, this is when I couldn't speak without the operator repeating the take a photo line! I persisted and eventually spoke to a manger who said it couldn't be their fault and put the phone down. Safe in the knowledge that I had the order trail and then waited for another half hour to get through to another agent who did look at the notes on he screen and could see the change in ski size and couldn't explain how it was changed through the ordering process (this was the chap funnily enough that had re keyed the item originally). Anyway I have now had to order another ski, paid for it at a higher price in the 'hope' that the manager refunds the higher charge BRCAUSE IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE order will be cancelled tomorrow if the manager doesn't pull her finger out of her self and get back to me tomorrow morning! Long story short, unless you have a really good deal, plenty of time and an optimistic outlook I wouldn't bother, in fact I wouldn't bother if you did have all three of those luxuries. AVOID THIS SHOP, ITS SH*TE
I will update tmorrow if they contact me.
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I've bought a few things from them. They will require a copy of id or passport if you pay with card. But it works and they are legit. Haven't tried to send stuff back or cancel orders, but from low-price Interwebs place I'd expect that to render some amount of PIA.
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