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Park City/Deer Valley - version 2

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I didn't want to hijack the other thread regarding SLC lodging. Hence the "version 2." I need some advice for a week-long ski trip to Utah next March. Assuming that we're going to have an unbelievably great snow year, I need your input on whether we ought to stay at Park City or Deer Valley, or some other place nearby. The convenience and quality are more important than price (within some reasonable limits). Here are the details: We have a group of 5 couples that take ski trips together each year. Last year we went to Telluride and had a great time. This year, we're going to Utah. We are all 50 - 70 years old, and in relatively good shape. Ski skills range from beginner to very advanced, but we'll cater to the beginner/intermediates. We're looking for an on-slope house/condo to rent that will accommodate all of us, and for great accommodations and a fanastic experience. The experience with friends is much more important than the variety or difficulty of skiing. We probably won't drive to Utah, so we'll need to either rent cars or rely on public transportation. Fun shopping is a must for at least one afternoon. So, where should we stay? We don't want to stay in a hotel. I'm thinking that we may ski both Deer Valley and Park City. I know I'm early on the planning, but don't want to be behind the eightball on this. Thanks, JDH
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Never too early to plan a ski trip for a group that big.  Have you and your friends skied in the SLC area before?  There are lots of lodging options in the Park City area.  Have you looked at VRBO?  My understanding is that the public buses work pretty well for getting around in the PC area, so no real need to rent cars.  If some people want to go explore Alta/Snowbird, there are shuttle services for day trips.


Are you aware that Deer Valley is for skiers only?  Alta too.  One of the many reasons Alta is my favorite around SLC.

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JDH, I'm not sure if you realize how close PCMR and Deer Valley are to one another. The bases are about 2 miles apart. Very little time to travel between these mountains, and Canyons is about 10 minutes outside of town. 


If you stayed at Deer Valley slopeside, you're a stones throw from the PCMR lifts. There's plenty of public transit to get you around town easy. 

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If you go to Park City you don't really need a car.  There is a shuttle from the airport, and the P.C. public transit system is terrific.  Hop on the bus and go to P.C., Deer Valley, The Canyons, or around town super easy.  The three ski areas are right next to one another.  Last season we took a day to ski each one.


There are numerous lodging options, so you should be able to find what you want.  Book a flight that arrives early so you can trade in your boarding pass for a free lift pass on the day of your arrival.







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Here is the info about the Park City Quick Start to ski free the day you fly in.  Must present a boarding pass.  If flying Southwest, then need to print a second one since they take it when you board.




If go to PCMR for the free skiing, can get in a few more runs on the runs with lights.

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I would definitely put on-mountain lodging at Deer Valley at the top of your list.  Friends of mine have stayed in very, very nice condos that are a two minute walk from the lifts.  Incredibly convenient for skiing in DV, but as others have said, you can also move around easily to ski Park City and the Canyons.  DV is a bit posh, which can be a plus or minus depending on your viewpoint ...  BUT the food ranges from very good-to-fantastic and the mountain really does offer something for every level of skier (but not snowboarders, as has been pointed out previously). 

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Fitting 10 people in a slope side condo may be a little tough.  A few condos?  No problem.  A luxury 6 bedroom home?  No issue.  What is your housing budget?  A ski in/out house would be awesome if affordable.  Just make breakfast and ski down to the lift.


Staying in PC gives you potential walking distance to PCMR and, of course,  allowing you and your friends to walk the streets visiting galleries, great restaurants, etc.  Staying in Deer Valley offers you closer access to a resort that "gets it" when dealing with the upscale visitor, but you will need a quick ride to get into into Park City (there may be a gondola in a few years).  Canyons also "gets it" and is well worth a visit.


The three local resorts are perfect for the type of baby boomer skiing you desire, each giving you a different feel and plenty of acreage.  Ski one, ski all, you can't lose.


Consider a night out in Salt Lake City (a quick drive) and some fun dining options in the area (the "Yurt" thing or whatever).  Don't forget to visit the Olympic Park and Engen Museum.  You will see the ski jump hill on the way into town from the airport.

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Just saw this thread... Deer Valley, no question. Park City resort doesn't have that much slope side stuff and at DV that's pretty much all you get. It's not cheap, but there is so much available that you can surely get a good deal, maybe with tickets thrown in. DV and PCMR share a rope line and the town is at the base of both areas. You,re going to have fun. Getting a five bedroom condo at DV with a large common room, fireplace, nice kitchen - or two adjacent- should be no problem. Try Deer Valley lodging, they're a clearinghouse.
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