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Mexico - USA Soccer - Page 2

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I guess Yogi must think he's smarter than 97% of us average bears!


P.S. Anyone seen SCSA lately?
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SCSA was either lurking today or left his computer on and a window open to EpicSki. I kind of wondered the same thing. He is probably just making money, like I should be doing. I just hope the constant pressure he must feel being the primary proponent of Harbs system does not burn him out. I wonder if he gets paid for all that. He has to be one of the best at lobbying for a position, OK most tenacious. This greasy little guy here in Oregon, lobbying for the insurance industry was very good, er, successful, but what a weasel.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
The same man was also a keen footballer.

They didn't cover that part of his life in my high school.
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