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Salamon F4.0 boot

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Has anyone riden the Salomon F4.0 boot? I'm thinking hard about buying them and would like to get some feed back. I currently ride the 2012 Salomons Mans Board with Caliber bindings with some older Burton Moto boots. Gonna keep the board and bindings (they are ridiculous) looking to upgrade the boots. I like the idea of sticking with Salomon and the F4.0s are the best they make.

I ride all mountain/backcountry and a little in the park so I don't want anything too stiff.

Let me know what you know.


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To quote Sargent Schultz:

"I know nuthink"


We have a couple of riders who frequent here who try different gear, but it's still pretty quiet over here this early in the season.

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No experience with the F4's, but Salomon makes quality boots.  If they fit and are the flex you're looking for, I'd say go for it.  The K2 Maysis sounds like it's within the flex you are looking for.  Their "Harshmellow" damping system might be something you really like, especially for park riding.  So you might try a pair of those, if available.  At the very least for a comparison of fit and flex


Just because you ride Salomon board/bindings is not a good reason to go with a boot from them.  Fit trumps all considerations.  If they are a good fit, then sure go for it.  I'd try boots from at least 2-3 different companies to make sure your choice is solid.

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I don't know about the F4s but I use the F22s and love them - mind you they are very stiff.  Quality boot - have made it through two seasons and still look new (about 20 days riding).  

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I just recently rode this boot. I have about 20years riding experience with an average of 10 days per year. I've been through at least 8  different boots over the years, and Have tried every lacing system.


I will say a few things about this boot concerning fit, comfort, performance, and function.




First impression.


The heel zone felt snug. The toe area seemed to fit well with enough room to wiggle your toes. The upper ankle and shin area felt good and fit well. I did feel some discomfort in the inside of my arches, not at the bottom of my foot, but more toward the side of the foot. The inner lacing worked well, especially the inner lace lock. The outer lace seemed to work well also. I did get the impression that it was pretty hard to over tighten. 


My overall feeling on this boot is that it fits well. It does not offer much comfort in my experience of boots. I would suggest that you only buy this boot in true size.


Hard to tell from a first impression, But it seemed like a very still boot.


I have never liked lacing boots. So for me, an alternative to the BOA system, this was an option I wanted to explore.



After Riding.


The heel zone was rock solid, not heel lift at all. No rubbing either, I"m sure the gel ankle support had alot to do with this. The inner lacing system didn't move att all, it stayed where I tightened it. Although I think it was easy to over tighten the inner lace. I was getting some shin rub when the laces were tight. The outer lace seemed to work well also. Bottom line I believe the lacing system works very well.


Again, I still feel this wasn't the most comfortable boot I rode. But, It did fit well. The inner arch area I was talking about earlier, did give me a little discomfort. There seemed to be alot of pressure in that area. But, I was wearing Burton bindings, this boot has a much smaller footprint that most boots in size 11. I could have been getting some side roll in the binding. At the end of the day. My feet weren't tired and the boots were super easy to take off.


This is a stiff boot in my opinion. Very reactive, responds well. 


Super easy to put on and take off. laces very easily and quickly, very happy with the system.

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