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The Irish almost beat the 'All Blacks'

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To those Irish Rugby supporters out there ...

With a bit more luck (and a few more points), the Irish could have beaten the All Blacks last Saturday night in Dunedin, final score was only 15-6 or something like that. The media here were predicting how high the All Black score was going to be, so it wiped the smile off a few faces when it as so close - the Irish can be proud of their performance. Now that would have caused the Irish to dance in the streets. There certainly was no celebration over the win here, our guys did not put on their best show, World Cup prospects not looking the best.

I was reading the newspaper thru most of the game, so you can tell I am not a huge rugby fan but at least I sort of watched it, well I was in the same room as a Television playing it.
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As we chase each other around the forum (so to speak) the Maori nearly beat the Aussies in Perth last week. Very close thing another couple of minutes and we would have been done.
Australia plays France this week end. Should be interesting. They say this is the start of their World Cup defence but unpatriotic as it seems, I would not be putting money on Australia to retain it next year.
I would find a place for the Bledisloe Cup again aswell.
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With all the Football World Cup coverage, I hadn't heard anything about the rugby
OK, so Ireland lost, but 15-6 in Dunedin is pretty good. Who was our no.10? Humphries? O'Gara?

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For anyone to come close in Dunedin is not bad.
It is not called "The House of Pain" for nothing.
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WTFH. Can't help on the number 10 but see http://rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/rugby/...XOBZYDG2D.html for a report on the game. This site (http://rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/rugby/index.html) is good for keeping up to date in rugby in the Southern Hemisphere winter.

BTW saw Australia A just beat France A in a very scrappy game last night in Adelaide. See http://rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/rugby/...3208OK2D.html.

Wallabies play France in the First Test on Saturday and will have to lift their game from their performance last weekend against NZ Maori.
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WTFH - the Irish play a second test against the All Blacks this Saturday. If the world cup is still on you probably won't hear anything about it either.
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And Clive Woodward has taken the 3rd's to the pampas, where they will get spanked by the Puma's.

PS WTFH = O'Gara I don't think Humphries played.

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