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Powder Skis?

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I am another looking for a little advise on fat skis for the coming season. I am 35 yo, 6'2 and between 200 - 210lbs and consider myself fairly advanced but not expert. I am Australian but ski mostly overseas including several  years in Canada in my early 20s. I don't have a huge amount of experience skiing deep powder apart from a week in Japan where I skiied on a pair of K2 obsethed - which I really enjoyed. I currently own a set of Stokli Stormriders and before that Volkl G? somethings with the yellow top sheet. I do like to ski fast on  groomers and can bend a ski and I get off piste as often as I can. I am spending February in the US at Utah and Jacksons Holes and while I am happy to demo then buy, would love to arrive ready to go. Have been thinking Rossi S7s or something similar.  Any suggestions

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Demo. The places you are going will have a good selection of powder demos available. If you fall in love, buy, if not you can trade out for another.Finally, despite the hype, it's entirely possible that your entire vacation in Utah and Jackson will be powder-less.

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