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Golf, Los Angeles-Style

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It's an eighteen ho course.
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* insert random hooker golf joke here*
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I was splitting up when I saw it on tv. Jay Leno and Dave's writers should be all over this...better than "beat the pro"!...foursomes please...new meaning to closest to the hole....I'm taking another mulligan....this was a best ball tourney....ok,ok, I'm crackin myself up....NEXT!!
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Go out and swing the stick(s)

Ohh, he really hooked that one!

Oh caddy, would you hold my bag and carry my club?

Fairway wood!

I swear, she was just polishing my 3 wood!

Ball cleaner..........

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I got a birdie at the last, but you got a bogey...

If the green's well manicured, we won't have to clean our balls...

I'm one up with one to play...

...Time to get the driver out

What's your handicap? I play off 12.

There was no-one on the course, so I only took 20 minutes at each hole.

I finished the round on 69.


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He had a one stroke advantage at the turn...
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Man, I'd probably pick up golf if I could play through on that course! LA always does things cooler than we do!

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Confucius say: Proper ass scratching call for getting at least one finger dirty. Avoiding area of true itch only lead to frustration. >[
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