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Head Slalom Worldcup Ti + Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 7

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Hi everybody

Does anyone have experience on Head WC SL skies and Free Flex+ 7 bindings? It would be nice to hear all kind of comments.

I have just demoed a 170cm pair for few hours and I just loved them. Only problem I have been thinking is length. 170cm skies were only pair them have for testing. I am 180cm/80kg, that is about 5.9ft/177lb. Should I think a shorter pair even without testing them first, maybe 165cm? I don't race and I like to ski anything between short tight turns and long turns with bit more speed. Does a little bit longer pair have any advantages over shorter skies, or vice versa? I found 170s to be surprinsingly stable and easy to ski anyway.

Sorry for my clumsy English and best regards from Finland,

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I'm not quite sure Head makes a 165. I tried the 170's last year and loved them, until I did the atomics. But that's beside the point. Thought the "Head" was the most versatile though. Soft and hard snow.
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I've got the WC Slalom Ti in a 180 with Free Flex 8.

Love the skis. Bindings? I like 'em, but like my Power Selects better.
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I've got the WC TI in a 180. Mine have Atomic bindings.

I'm a little taller and a little heavier than you. I do race a bit (recreational only), but mostly use them for free skiing. I'm constantly amazed at what an outstanding all-around ski this is. I've skied them on hardpack, bumps, corn, slush, crud, and even about 15" of untracked powder. They work great in everything.

I think if you raced seriously, you'd want a shorter length than the 170. Since you don't, however, and said you liked short and long turns and loved the 170's anyway, go with those. Shorter would be quicker (slightly), but also a tiny bit less versatile.

Have fun.

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I´m only 70kg.I ski them in 170cm and couldn´t be happier.170 is the best length because it is very versatile,very "freeride".165 or below would make easier shorter turns but loose flotation/fore-aft stability in powder and long turns.Go with 170 IMHO!
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Hi Kaarlo
I am just about to commit myself to a pair of Salomon 3Vs so am concerned as to why you did not like them as I have also considered the Heads I heard that the Salomons are quicker edge to edge is this true? I would be using them for all mountain use but they do need to be pretty good in the bumps any further info would be appreciated from anyone who has skied theses skis.
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Thank you all for comments!

I got them now in 170s. The biggest reason I chose Head was the versatility and FUN! [img]smile.gif[/img]

I tested also Salomon 3V (168cm), Rossi 9S (168cm) and Atomic 9.16 (~170cm). I liked all of them...well, I didn't like Salomons that much although it is supposed to be an ultimate race machine.

I like Rossis. Easy to ski even if you are familiar only with old school style. Very stable ski on ice and hard snow. I think Rossis are the most classic way ski of those.

Atomics. Wow. [img]smile.gif[/img] Atomics would have been my choise if I didn't test Heads at all. Very fun and powerfull ski. Something like between Salomon and Rossignol. Still found Heads better for me.

I cannot give any comments on bindings yet. They did their job, thats all and there wasn't any problems with them. Maybe I will replace them with little bit surdier model in future.

Now, what should I do with my old skies? Atomic ARC Module SL 205cm. [img]smile.gif[/img] What about mounting telemark bindings on them [img]smile.gif[/img]


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Hi Lat57.2N,

At first I want to say that this is only my opinion.

When I tested 3V's I found it to be very quick. It is very easy to believe that 3V is its best at slalom race court, that is of course what it is made to. But however I was looking for enjoyable all-around ski that would be as good as possible on tight short turns and faster long turns and fun carving in the same packet. 3V feels much more nervous on long turns and carving than the others. It goes where you tell it to go but I just didn't like that nervous feeling.

If I raced slalom I would maybe go for 3V's. If I raced slalom and giant slalom with one pair of skies I would choose Rossignols. If I wanted to ski like racers - I am trying [img]smile.gif[/img] - without gates and have fun on snow for hours I would go for Atomics or Heads. I prefer Heads to Atomics especially on soft snow.

You still need to test them by yourself [img]smile.gif[/img] Have fun.

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